About Poulvet.com


The objective of Poulvet.com is to bridge the gap between End users and the Manufacturers of the animal husbandry sector attaining utmost sophistication in easy flow of information, analysis, communication and e-commerce between them.

Poulvet.com is a pioneer portal of its kind. The portal patrons that respectable section of population who are veterinary practitioners, drug manufacturers, distributors, dealers, poultry & livestock farmers and all others who are interested in nurturing pets. These clients can have practical and scientific information on various aspects of animal husbandry.

The portal serves its clients by giving comprehensive information on Canines, Dairy, Poultry, and other livestock including Veterinary Medicines. It also notifies the day to day technological developments in these areas. There exists a Classifieds section which gives in-depth information of most of the companies concerned with animal husbandry world wide. Other services like trading of pets, posting of queries, exhibiting of the profiles, set the portal a multi-dimensional one.

The portal takes a unique foot-step to bring together all the personnel involved in production & protection of fauna. The latest technologies developed in the field of animal husbandry will attract the attention of commercial traders, students, academicians, research scientists and all those involved in livestock and poultry production.

Any portal realizes that it has a responsibility, both moral and ethical to be the best in the web. Although financial success is important, it is not the only measure of being successful. Therefore, it is the mission of Poulvet.com to uphold the following statements as the principles and guiding light:

> To be the most competitive full-service Portal in the Veterinary field.
> To sincerely strive for the better health conditions of the pets and livestock.

We commit to recognize the value of every client with a vision constantly focused to provide him the highest quality of information.

Support Team
The support team consists of Technical and Experts panel. These two panels together strive for smooth functioning of the portal. The panels obligate non-tiring customer support for the clients. While the Technical team continuously improvises the features of the portal, the team of connoisseurs skilled in different areas interacts with the online queries posted in the site by giving prompt and the most reliable response.

For Support Assistance Mail to: [email protected]

The promoters of the poulvet.com are fully devoted and highly optimistic for its bright future.

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