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Drugs of Natural Origin: A Treatise of Pharmacognosy, Sixth Revised Edition

June 10, 2010 by Swedish Pharmaceutical Press - 776 Pages

Authored By: Gunnar Samuelsson, Uppsala University, Sweden (retired); Lars Bohlin, Uppsala University, Sweden

Hardback £95.00

ISBN 9781439838570


Drugs of Natural Origin provides a multidisciplinary approach suitable for those working in the area of natural product development. It brings together research on the sustainable use of natural products in the development of new drugs, scientifically based herbal remedies, and environmentally adapted biomolecules.

During evolution, molecules evolved to perform specific functions in nature. By understanding their natural function, we can develop ways to make use of these bioactive substances a potential new drug candidates and also as pharmacological tools, intermediates, or templates for the synthesis of novel drugs. This book examines terrestrial and marine bioactive substances drawn from plant, microbial, and animal origin. Their occurrence, biosynthesis, isolation, chemistry, and medical use are described, together with basic research strategies.

Development in the field of natural products of medical importance continues to expand. Since the publication of the 5th edition of this book, five years ago, new concepts such as chemo- and bioinformatics, phylogenetics and systems biology with the new ”omics” techniques (genomics, proteomics and metabolomics) have emerged. Herbal remedies have become subject to more rigid legislation aiming to improve their quality and efficacy, both as over-the-counter preparations for self-medication and as constituents of conventional drugs. This development is reflected in a substantial revision and expansion of the book. This edition also describes many new drugs marketed since the publication of the previous edition.

Students and professors in the area of natural product research,as well as complementary disciplines like medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmacology will find much relevant information in this books.