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Biological E. Ltd. Profile

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Company Name Biological E. Ltd.
Contact Person Mr.Vijay Kumar Datla
Address 18/1 &3, Azamabad
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Zip / Postal Code 500 020
Telephone +91 - 40 - 27617831
Fax +91 - 40 - 27630307
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Company Info Biological E Limited was established over 50 years ago. It is the first private sector biological products company in India and the first pharmaceuticals company in South India. BE is also the pioneer in preventive medicine.

Originally incorporated as Biological Products Private Limited in 1953, and launched by Dr. D.V.K. Raju, Biological E today, is a leader in Vaccinology in India and a significant player in the world vaccine market. We are further expanding and enhancing the facilities and product lines for vaccines through the establishment of a new plant and R&D centre in Andhra Pradesh.

Early on, Biological E Limited partnered with Evans Medical of UK to develop pharmaceutical formulations. Later we teamed with Glaxo, India to focus on building the pharmaceutical business in India. We have also collaborated with Pasteur Meriux Connaught of France and Solvay & Cie of Belgium. Every tie-up we entered into has sought to strengthen and advance our over all strategy of being innovative, expanding and developing product lines and building infrastructure with an eye to the future.

Biological E Limited supplies most of the essential and life saving drugs to Central and State Government Hospitals, Public Sector Undertakings, the Indian Armed Forces and the domestic retail market. Our International division provides global-access to high quality innovative products and caters to the health and well being of people worldwide.

Biological E Limited is now a serious participant in the exciting new face of medical science - Gene Therapy. With the dynamic Dr. Vijay Kumar Datla, Chairman & Managing Director as its head and inspiration, BE is offering hope to people who can't be helped by standard treatments.

From being one of the first endeavours to promoters of the indigenous pharmaceutical industry to a formidable presence in the preventive spheres of vaccines; producers of bulk drugs to cutting edge genetic and cell-based technologies to treat disease, Biological E Limited has always displayed the vigour, energy to surmount ever higher peaks and the vision to constantly expand it's horizons.

Biological E Limited has a long and richly textured history but the future promises to be even more exciting and successful.
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