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Corey Organics Ltd Profile

Contact Information
Company Name Corey Organics Ltd
Contact Person Mr. D. Rajakumar Reddy
Address 100/2rt, S. R. NAGAR
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Zip / Postal Code 500 038
Telephone +91 - 40 - 23715528
Fax 91-40-23701738
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Company Info Factory:
Mahaboobnagar Dist
PH:+91 - 3548 - 57-59/57040
Mr. D. Rajakumar Reddy
Products: 2-Amino 3,5-Dibromo pyridine
2-Amino 3-Nitropyridine
2-Amino Thiophenol
2-Amino-3,5 Dichloro Pyridine
2-Amino-5-Bromo Pyridine
2-Amino-5-Chloro Pyridine
2-Amino-5-Chloro-3-Nitro Pyridine
2-Amino-5-Nitro Pyridine
2-Amino-5-Cyano Pyridine
3-Acetyl Pyridine
3-Amino Acetophenone
4-Acetyl Pyridine
4-Amino-3,5 Dichloropyridine
5-Amino-2-Chloro Pyridine
2-Bromo 5 Methyl Pyridine
2-Bromo Butane
2-Bromo-4-Methyl Pyridine
3-Bromo Acetophenone
5-Bromo-2-Hydroxy Pyridine
Cis Bromobenzoate
Coumalic Acid
2-Chloro-5-Nitro Pyridine
3-Chloro-2-Hydroxy Pyridine
3-Chloro Pyridine
6-Chloro Nicotinic Acid
2,3-Diamino-5-Chloro Pyridine
2,5 Dibromo Pyridine
2,5-Dichloro Pyridine
2,6-Dibromo Pyridine
2,6-Dichloro Pyridine
5,6-Dichloro Nicotinic Acid
3-Furoic Acid
2-Hydroxy Pyridine
2-Hydroxy-3-Nitro Pyridine
2-Hydroxy-5-Chloro Pyridine
2-Hydroxy-5-Nitro Pyridine
2-Hydroxy-5-Bromo-3-Nitro Pyridine
3-Hydroxy Acetophenone
4-Hydroxy Pyridine
4-Hydroxy carbazole
6-Hydroxy Nicotinic Acid
Lepidine (4-Methyl Quinolone)
MAAP Sulphate (for Phenyl Ephrine)
1-Methyl-3-Phenyl Piperazine
3-Methoxy Acetophenone
3-Methyl Diphenylamine
3-Nitro Acetophenone
Methyl Coumalate
Phenyl Boronic acid
2,6-Pyridine Dicarboxylic Acid
3-Pyridyl Acetic acid HCL
Sodium Cyano Borohydride
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