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Micro Orgo Chem Co. Profile

Contact Information
Company Name Micro Orgo Chem Co.
Contact Person Mr. Rajiv Jain
Address 57, C-IB, LIC Sector, G.I.D.C
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Zip / Postal Code 400 016
Telephone 91-22-66379291
Fax 91-22-22064524
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Company Info Micro Orgo Chem (MOC) is one of the leading manufacturers of Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs since 1992 with multi-dimensional business activities. We have been exporting the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to a number of countries across the globe. Since its inception, the company has seen tremendous growth and has taken rapid strides forward in its business operations. Right from the start, the company positioned as a premier manufacturer of the active pharmaceuticals ingredients & intermediates.
A well-known house of pharmaceutical division, the company is widely involved in active pharmaceutical ingredients.

MOC has been setting new standards through a dedicated team of professionals who are applying systematic efforts in achieving the status of a becoming one of the leading Indian manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs Company operating on a global scale. Competing with the best in this industry, MOCís core strength lies in the technical caliber of its people and a modern infrastructure comprising of latest facilities for drug testing and packaging.

Every effort is taken to ensure that all the products manufactured at MOC are of the highest quality standards. Each product is manufactured under strict supervision at every stage of its production ensuring that the very best product leaves the factory. Apart from the high quality of its footwear components, the company also sees to the timely delivery of all the consignments to all its clients globally. The company's dedication to ensuring complete customer satisfaction has earned them the golden opinion of their clients all over the world.

The company is known for :

Core technical competence
Quick supplies
Competitive Pricing
Adaptivity to non-standard requirements of customers

Dihydro Artemisinin
Erythromycin Stearate
Erythromycin Base
Succinylcholine Chloride
Sildenafil Citrate / Sildenafil Base
Sodium Stearyl Fumarate
Triprolidine Hcl  
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Products Listing
Bulk Drugs / Intermediates of Micro Orgo Chem Co.


Artemether  71963-77-4

Artesunate  88495-63-0

Ascorbic Acid  50-81-7

Azithromycin dihydrate  117772-70-0

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