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Solaris Chemtech India Profile

Contact Information
Company Name Solaris Chemtech India
Contact Person Mr. Ashok Mam (C. G. M.)
Address First India Place, Tower-C, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road
Gurgaon, Haryana, India.
Zip / Postal Code 122 002
Telephone +91-124-4099266
Fax +91-124-2804263
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Company Info Contact:
Mr. Manoj Dutt (Managing Director)
Mr. Ashok Mam (C. G. M.)
Mr. Satya N. Tandon (Sr. Manager Sales)

B. Flame Retardants
Tetra Bromo Bisphenol - A (TBBA) (Solaris FR 10)
TBBA diallyl ether (Solaris FR 10-1)
2,3 bis dipropyl ether of TBBA  (Solaris FR 10-2)
Tri Bromo Phenol (Solaris FR-20)
1,2 bis (tribromophenoxy) ethane (Solaris FR 20-1)
Deca Bromo Diphenyl oxide

C. Specialty Chemicals
1,4 Dibromo Butane
Allyl Bromide
Bromo Acetic Acid
Hydrobromic Acid (Solaris OB-130)
Iso Propyl Bromide
N-butyl Bromide (Solaris OB-110)
N-propyl Bromide (Solaris OB-100)
Para Bromo Anisole (Solaris OB-120)
Para Bromo Phenol
Para Nitro Benzyl Bromide
Sodium Bromide
Stabilized N-Propyl Bromide

Ortho Phosphoric Acid (Technical grade)
Ortho Phosphoric Acid (IP/BP/USP/Food Grade)

Chlor Alkali
Caustic Soda Flakes & Lye
Liquid Chlorine
Hydrochloric Acid
Industrial- Salt
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Allyl Bromide  

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