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Avra Synthesis Private Limited Profile

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Company Name Avra Synthesis Private Limited
Contact Person S.Ravi Shankar (Asst.Mngr- Marketing), T.K.Sunderaswaran (G.M- Business Development).
Address Plot No : A/28/1/19, Road No.15, IDA Nacharam , R R District, Hyderabad 501 507, India.
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Zip / Postal Code 501 507
Telephone +91-40-27175796, 64572491
Mobile No: 9000080948, 9963626222
Fax +91-40-27175794
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Company Info Company Profile :

Avra Synthesis is part of the Avra group of companies started by Dr. A. V. Rama Rao an organic chemist of international repute. Avra Laboratories is a pioneer in initiating Contract Research in India. Avra is oriented to being a collaborative platform for providing competitive synthetic chemistry based services for process and discovery teams worldwide. Today, Avra Laboratories is one of the leading Contract Research Companies in India.

      Increasing number of International Pharmaceutical majors are outsourcing their Contract Research and Custom Synthesis work to various companies in India. Availability of quality organic and inorganic chemicals for research is a major constraint facing the Indian Chemists working in various R&D organizations. In fact, this was the main constraint Rama Rao faced, ever since he initiated synthesis of biologically active compounds at the National Chemical Laboratory from the early 70s. It was his earnest desire that chemists working in various R&D Institutions should not face this problem forever.

      Rama Rao has converted this constraint into a business opportunity with the founding of a new organization - Avra Synthesis to offer a wide range of fine chemicals and solvents of Laboratory / Reagent Grade catering to the needs of various organizations involved in research.

      The Avra Synthesis catalog has been put together and will be upgraded using input derived from leading academic and industry-based scientists. The catalog comprises of specialty compounds required for Research and Development activity in the field of Synthetic Organic chemistry.

      Quality of inputs is paramount in research work. Avra Synthesis ensures quality in all facets of handling the product. Avra has state of the art Quality Control Instruments including GC, HPLC, NMR, and GC-MS to ensure that all input raw materials are tested as per standard test methods prior to accepting them. Quality is ensured in choice of packing material, methods of packing and storing of these goods. We ensure that the customer receives the goods in the right quality and ready to use condition.

      We offer these products through agents / dealers located all over the country. Contact our Sales Department to locate your nearest dealer/ agent.


1. To address the needs of the research scientists working in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories in India and abroad.

      2. Adhering to International Standards of quality and complying with customer needs.

      3. To ensure off-the-shelf availability of most of the chemicals.

      4. To offer items in catalog packs and bulk packs as required by actual users.

      5. Offer customized products to meet requirements of customers engaged in Contract Research, Drug Discovery and CRAMS

      6. Quality assurance to international standards.

      7. Ensure prompt dispatch and delivery of products to meet customer requirement.

Management Profile :

A V Rama Rao   (Founder, Chairman and Managing Director)

Dr. A V Rama Rao graduated in Chemical Technology ( pharmaceutical and fine chemicals) from the

Department of Chemical Technology, Bombay University in 1960. He moved to Pune, where he

obtained his Ph.D (1960-64) worked under the supervision of Prof K Venkataraman at the National

Chemical Laboratory. He then undertook a postdoctoral assignment at Harvard University (1975-76).

Whilst working in E J Corey's (Nobel Laureate) research group, he developed a keen interest in the

syntheses of complex natural products with biological activity. On his return to India, he established

a research group at the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) in Pune - the start of a career, which is

marked by some amazing achievements in the syntheses of some complex natural products. Rama

Rao moved from NCL to take on the post of Director of the Regional Research Laboratory,

Hyderabad (1985) which was later renamed the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) during

his tenure. Rama Rao retired as the Director of IICT and founded Avra Laboratories in 1995. In 1991,

the President of India conferred upon him the "Padmashree".

Career Highlights

Contributions to chemistry
      Rama Rao's work on the isolation, structure elucidation of natural products and the syntheses of

complex natural products is described in 262 research papers and 30 patents.

Commitment to educations
      109 students have obtained their PhD degrees in chemistry working under the supervision of

Rama Rao.

Contributions to the chemical Industry
      Developed more than 50 drug technologies commercialized by the pharmaceutical industry.

Involvement with the International Policy making Organizations
      Member, Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee of the UNDP/World Bank/WHO special

program for research and training in tropical diseases (1992-95); Titular member of IUPAC Sectional

Committee, Medicinal Chemistry Division (1988-91); Member, Technical Advisory Committee on CFC

Destruction Technologies of the United Nations Environmental Protection Agency; Fellow of the

Indian National Science Academy and Third World Academy of Sciences.

R. Ramakrishna   (Executive Director)

Formal education includes a Master of Science (M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry) and a Master of

Business Administration (MBA).

      During the early part of his professional career, Ramakrishna was involved in marketing bulk

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) taking advantage of the incentives from a liberalized export

policy of the Government of India.

      Responsible for evolving and implementing Avra's quality policies and systems based on cGMP

guidelines and for establishing one of the best state-of-the-art dedicated pilot plant and

Class-100,000 fully contained Steroid plant in the country.

      Besides leading the process development team at Avra, his scientific interests include the

design and development of non infringing patentable routes for the synthesis of various APIs in a

cost effective manner with minimal impact to the environment.

      Non-scientific interests include sourcing rare items for use in chemical synthesis from global

manufacturers and evaluating vendors supplying products to Avra.

Chandra Ramarao    (Director, Research and Operations)

Chandra Ramarao joined Avra Laboratories on April 1, 2003. He coordinates the research and

business development activities at Avra. Chandra obtained his PhD (1996-1999) from Cambridge

University, UK, under the supervision of Prof. Ian Fleming, FRS and developed a method to induce

1,5 stereo-centers in open-chain (acyclic) systems. He remained at Cambridge and did a post-doc

(Zeneca-SRF, 1999-2002) with Prof. Steven V. Ley, FRS and the research work was done in

collaboration with Syngenta, AstraZeneca and Avecia and led to the development of Pd-EnCatTM.

His past research work encompasses: stereo-controlled synthesis, nano-particulate transition-metal

catalysis, development of microencapsulation techniques, development of solid-supported reagents

- polystyrene and silica (MCM-41, etc) based and use of ionic liquids and super critical carbon

dioxide (SC-CO2) as alternative solvents.

About the Zeneca-SRF

      Zeneca used to operate a Strategic Research Fund (SRF) for sponsoring collaborative research

projects that were likely to be of cross-business interest. In those days, Zeneca had separate

Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Specialties divisions. The proposal to microencapsulate

catalysts was envisaged to have a broad impact in manufacturing or fine chemicals and also in

research. The expertise to realise the project goals would also come from several sites in all three

divisions, for example Formulation (microencapsulation expertise), Process Engineering and scale

up, Research Chemistry etc. In 1999, the project was started with one postdoc - Dr Chandra

Ramarao at Cambridge with Prof Steven Ley, a world-renowned expert in the synthetic applications

of supported reagents. As a result of the demerger of various parts of Zeneca around the early

stages of the project, Syngenta, Avecia and AstraZeneca all retained involved as former constituents

of Zeneca. As the project progressed and positive results emerged from Chandra's research, then all

three companies provided extra resources to tackle particular aspects - encapsulation process and

research applications at Syngenta, scale up of reactions using the catalysts at AZ and scale up and

optimisation of the encapsulated catalyst manufacture at Avecia, along with detailed analysis and

characterisation. Thus the project became a true team effort and results were shared across all 4

organisations. The technology was patented with inventors from all of the parties. In 2004 Avecia

were able to launch a spin-out company (Reaxa) largely on the back of the new 'EnCat' catalyst


The success of the project has been recognised by three UK awards:

      . The CIA Innovation award 2004

      . The Institute of Applied Catalysis Innovation award 2004

      . The Royal Society of Chemistry Team Innovation Award 2005

T.K.Sunderaswaran (General Manager - Business Development)

      A chemical Engineer and management graduate from IIMB, he has over 20 years experience in

handling various functions in leading chemical companies including multinationals in India. He has

travelled extensively in India and abroad in various marketing assignments.

Mr. Pradip Popat
      A leading dealer in laboratory chemicals and Instruments from Hyderabad with over thirty years

of selling experience to various research institutions all over India. He represents a variety of

leading international companies offering chemicals and instruments for Research.


      Avra Synthesis catalog has been developed by practicing chemists. It has among its list all the

regularly used items in a synthesis laboratory. The product range covers Oxidising agents, reducing

agents, Grignard reagents, coupling agents, protecting and de-protecting agents, catalysts and amino acids.  

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Products Listing
Bulk Drugs / Intermediates of Avra Synthesis Private Limited

Acetaldehyde diethyl acetal, 95%   105-57-7

Acetaldehyde dimethyl acetal, 90%   534-15-6

Acetamide, 98%   60-35-5

Acetamidine hydrochloride, 95%   124-42-5

Acenaphthene, 99%   83-32-9

Acenaphthenequinone, 95%   82-86-0

Acetanilide, 95%   103-84-4

Acetic acid, 99%   64-19-7

Acetone, 99%   67-64-1

Acetonitrile, 99%   75-05-8

Acetophenone   98-86-2

Acetyl bromide, 98%   506-96-7

Acetyl chloride, 98%   75-36-5

Acetylenedicarboxylic acid, 92%   142-45-0

Acrylamide, 98%   79-06-1

Adenine, 99%   73-24-5

Adipic acid, 98%   124-04-9

Alloxan monohydrate, 98%   2244-11-3

Allyl alcohol, 98%   107-18-6

Allylamine, 98%   107-11-9

Allylbenzene, 98%   300-57-2

Allyl bromide, 98%   106-95-6

Allyl chloride, 98%   107-05-1

Allyl chloroformate, 95%   2937-50-0

Aloe-emodin   481-72-1

Aluminum hydroxide, 75%   21645-51-2

Aluminum oxide, neutral, 95%   1344-28-1

Aminoguanidine hydrogen carbonate, 98%   2582-30-1

Ammonium chloride, 98%   12125-02-9

Ammonium dihydrogenphosphate, 98%   7722-76-1

Ammonium formate   540-69-2

Ammonium hydrogenphosphate, 98%   7783-28-0

Ammonium sulfate, 98%   7783-20-2

Ammonium thiocyanate, 98%   1762-95-4

Anisole, 99%   100-66-3

Antimony potassium tartrate trihydrate   28300-74-5

Azobisisobutyronitrile, 98%   78-67-1

Azoisobutyronitrile   764-28-3

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