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Kores (India) Ltd. Profile

Contact Information
Company Name Kores (India) Ltd.
Contact Person
Address c-7/1-B, TTC Industrial Area, MIDC Pawane
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Zip / Postal Code 400705
Telephone 022-27613444/27639835
Fax 022-27639839/27613466
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Company Info KORES (INDIA) LIMITED is a multi-divisional, multi-locational manufacturing organization, belonging to a big business group. The products range includes Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Office Products, Business Machines, Engineering Goods, Textiles, etc. KORES employs over 2000 people all over India and has wide manufacturing and distribution network.
The division was established in 1981 as Speciality Chemicals Division with a focus to manufacture Speciality Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Intermediates. With the changing time, the division has been renamed to ‘Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Division’ beginning April 2006 - to focus strongly on manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Pharmaceutical Intermediates. Kores – PCD has emerged as a leader in domestic market in the therapeutic category such as Brochodilators and Mucolytic Expectorant with its consistency, reliability and competitiveness. Many Xanthine derivatives have been developed for the European customers. The division also manufactures niche pharmaceutical intermediates for Anti-Cancer and Anti-Parkinsonian drugs. The R&D has also successfully developed processes for many chemicals, intermediates and APIs on the request of its esteemed customers and the same are being manufactured on an exclusive basis for them.
The Division has its Administrative and R&D set-up at Pawane, Navi Mumbai. The Manufacturing Site is located at Roha, which is about 130 km from the city of Mumbai and occupies an area of 40,000 M2.  The Division employs over 200 people.
The division is currently exporting APIs and Pharmaceutical Intermediates to many European, Latin American, South East Asian, Middle East countries and aims to target highly regulatory market such as US and Japan in next couple of years.
The division is also coming strongly in other therapeutic categories such as Anti-diabetic, Anti-hypertensive, Diuretic, etc

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Name : Theophylline
CAS # : [58-55-9]  
End Use : Bronchodilator

Name : Etofylline
CAS # : [519-37-9]
End Use : Bronchodilator

Name : Doxofylline
CAS # : [69975-86-6]
End Use : Bronchodilator

Name : Acepifylline / Acefylline Piperazine /
Theophylline Ethanoate Piperazine
CAS # : [18428-63-2 / 18833-33-1 ]
End Use : Bronchodilator

Name : Acefylline
CAS # : [652-37-9]
End Use : Bronchodilator

Name : Diprofylline / Dyfylline
CAS # : [479-18-5]
End Use : Vasodilator


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Acefylline  837-27-4

Ambroxil HCL  

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