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Contact Information
Company Name Wockhardt Ltd
Contact Person email: [email protected]
Address Wockhardt Towers C-3, G Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex Bandra (E)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Zip / Postal Code 400 051
Telephone 91-22-26534444
Fax 91 - 22 - 26534242
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Company Info Contact:
Mr. J. F. Korakiwaia (Chairman)
Mr. Lalit Kumar (Executive Director)

Factory Address:
Plot No. 138M, GIDC Area, Ankleshwar,
Pin - 393002,
Ph : 91-2646-21272,
Fax : 91-2646-21087

Profile;Preparing for change before change beckons. Harnessing the power of innovative research. Providing high-quality medicines for a healthier world. This is our world at Wockhardt.

Wockhardt is a global, pharmaceutical and biotechnology company that has grown by leveraging two powerful trends impacting the world of medicine - globalisation and biotechnology.

The Company has a market capitalisation of over US$ 1 billion and an annual turnover of US$ 650 million. Wockhardt’s pace of growth and momentum permeates every mindset, system and technology within the organisation.

Wockhardt today, is distinguished by a strong and growing presence in the world’s leading markets, with more than 65% of its revenue coming from Europe and the United States. Wockhardt’s market presence covers formulations, biopharmaceuticals, nutrition products, vaccines and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
The Company has its headquarters in India, and has
14 manufacturing plants in India, UK, Ireland, France and US
Subsidiaries in US, UK, Ireland and France
Marketing offices in Africa, Russia, Central and South East Asia.

Wockhardt has a strong track record in acquisition management, with five successful acquisitions in the European market. These acquisitions have strengthened Wockhardt’s position in the high-potential markets of Europe, and have expanded the global reach of the organisation.


Success developed and packaged

At the core of our efforts and investment in this complex, futuristic field is the customer, for whom we develop cost-effective biopharmaceuticals to treat life-threatening ailments.

Wockhardt’s pioneering efforts in biotechnology have led to the launch of three successful products in the Indian market - Biovac-B (hepatitis B vaccine), Wepox (erythropoietin), and Wosulin (recombinant insulin).

Biovac-B is a WHO GMP certified hepatitis B vaccine.

Wepox, Wockhardt’s recombinant erythropoietin, is for the treatment of anaemia caused by cancer and chronic renal failure. Wepox has been created by mammalian cell culture and meets European Pharmacopoeia standards.

Wosulin is the first r-DNA insulin developed and manufactured outside the US and Europe. It has been manufactured through the latest yeast based expression system.

A recent addition to the Company’s product basket is Wosulin Pen & Cartridge, an automatic insulin delivery device - for the convenience of diabetic patients.

The company has also made a breakthrough with Glargine (a novel long-acting insulin). Growth stimulating factors (GSF) are also in the development pipeline.
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