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Multi micronutrient mixture for Plankton growth in Aqua Culture.

Composition : Contains essential micronutrients like Mn, Zn, Cu, Fe, Bo, Co, K, Mg, Ca & P and others in a scientifically balanced ratio.

Benefits :

Bio - Rich is a specially formulated multi macro & micro nutrients which improve natural Zoo - Plankton & Phyto - Plankton development in Aqua and Fish ponds.

Bio - Rich improves plankton growth with in a day and shades the pond (changes the colour of water ) and prevent the growth of harmful benthic algae.

Bio - Rich also improves Dissolved Oxygen and regulates PH in the pond.

Bio - Rich sustains stains Le plankton longer, saving the cost while providing benefit.

Dosage : First application 25 kg. per acre.

Second application 15 kg. per acre. After 10 days of earlier application. OR AS RECOMMENDED BY YOUR AQUA CONSULTANT.

Packing 25 kg. HDPE bags.