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Spinco Biotech enters the silver jubilee year as a preferred partner for the scientific community, it has to its credit more than 4500 installations of Shimadzu HPLC Systems. They are also distrutors for Polymer Laboratories., PDR Chiral Inc., Wyatt Technologies, Phenomenex Inc., Daicel Chemical Industries. Under Lifescience product line Spinco Biotech are distributors of Shirmadzu Biotech, Kratos Analytical., Affymetrix Inc, Dynex Technologies, UVP Ltd., etc., With a network of 15 ooficers and 180 sales, service, applications and support staff, the company strives to provide the best support to customers.

Chief Executive:
Mr. S. Thyagarajan, Managing Director

Research development acceleration!
Analysis Automation and Laborsaving!
Easy Validation realized!
Intelligent HPLC enables rapid mastery!
Superior performance and durability!
Presenting the latest data management environment!
Provides a complete solution to enable complex, large scale study

Available in a comprehensive selection of catalog products and custom options for RNA and DNA applications
Flexible array formats for the freedom to conduct whole-genome analysis or focus on a subset of genes.
Array design processes using advanced bioinformatics algorithms from genomic sequence analysis to probe selection.
Unique photolithographic manufacturing, with built-in process controls at each synthesis step, for unsurpassed data accuracy
Standardised and validated for robust, reproducible experimental results, including Genechip®microarray specific controls and critical array steps
Optimised assays integrated with array design and analysis.
Continuous development of new assays and reagents for streamlined sample preparation and new application.

One button start-up that activates all operating parameters in the correct sequence.
Freeze/Freeze Dry -
Utilize the condenser shelf accessory to freeze and freeze dry non-transition temperature products inside the condenser, under sterile conditions.
Pressure Control- allows you to precisely control the vacuum for faster freeze drying, and reproducible results.
Hot Gas Defrost- defrost the condenser in ten minutes or less for fast turn around of freeze drying cycles.
Ultra low condenser temperatures for processing a full range of samples (-55 to -105°C).
All Manifolds come with VirTis 3/4" (19 mm) patented QuickSeal valves.
All units are supplied with appropriate vacuum tubing and clamps for installing a two-stage vacuum pump.

ndustry benchmark for HPLC Columns
USP phases for virtually every application
Extensive method validation document for proven reproducibility
HST technology formats available for balanced speed and efficiency.
Wide pH stability from 1.5 to 10.0 for over 10000 hours
Excellent Reproducibility
Free exposed silanols virtually eliminated by complete bonding and endcapping
High column bed stability enhanced by particle shape uniformity
For More info: www.phenomenex.com Specificatio

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Address No. 4, Vaidyaram Street T. Nagar Chennai Tamil Nadu India
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Telephone 91-44-2434 0174
Fax 91-44-2434 0761
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Website www.spincotech.com
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