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Since it started its operations in the dairy field in 1883, Alfa Laval has continuously extended its business to cover many different industries.  

Our products and solutions are used to heat, cool, separate and transport products in industries that produce foods and beverages, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, starch, sugar and biofuels.

Alfa Laval's products are also installed on oil platforms, in power plants, aboard ships, in the mechanical engineering industry, in the mining industry and for wastewater treatment, as well as for comfort climate and refrigeration applications. Our technologies are extensively used in the fight for a better environment on land and at sea.

Alfa Laval's products are installed in many industries around the world.

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Company Name Alfa Laval (India) Limited
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Address Sales Office 901 -A, BSEL Tech Park, Sector 30 A, Vashi, Opp. Vashi Ply. Station Navi Mumbai 400 705 India Phone: + Fax: + E-mail: Web page: Mumbai Maharashtra India
Zip / Postal Code 400705
Telephone 91 - 22 - 3911 6200
Fax 91- 22- 3911 6225
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