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Product / Services :
GC, HPLC, Software for Chromatography, UV - Vis  Spectrophotometers, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers, Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography, Preparative / Process  HPLC, Osmometers, UHP Gas Generators for H2, N2 and Air, High Pressure Catalytic Reactors / Stirred Reactors, Continous Analyser for Amblient Air,Stack Emission, Water Quality, Gases and Dust, Automated Colony Counters, Pyrosequencing, Incubators, Growth Chambers, Ovens, Parallel Fermentation Systems, E. Coli Detection Systems, Bio-Chemistry Analysers.

Chief Executive:
Mr. Anurag Tossniwal, Director

Contact Information
Company Name Chemito Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Contact Person Mr.Manish Chwla, Sr. Manager - Business Development
Address 8, Mohatta Bhavan Off. Dr. E. Moses Road Worli, Mumbai Maharashtra India
Zip / Postal Code 400 018
Telephone 91-22-2492 3979 / 2493 6062
Fax 91-22-2493 6166
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