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Each gram of LEOBEE contains :
Vitamin B1 4 mg
Vitamin B6 8 Gms
Vitamin B12 40 mcg
Niacin 60 mg
Cal. Pantothenate 40 Mg
Vitamin E OAP 40 mg


  • Leobee prevents loss of weight the leg weakness.
  • Leobee improves egg production and hatchability.
  • Leobee improves appetite and weight gain.
  • Leobee is useful to prevent of encephalomelacia.

Mixing Levels

Mix 250 gin of Leobee per tonne of feed.


1 Kg. Poly Jar.

Role of Vitamins in Poultry.....:

Vitamin A : It is an essential ingredient for normal biological processes and also for resistance against diseases and parasitic infestations. It specifically helps in better reproduction, growth, improved lactation and proper vision.

Vitamin B2 : It is essential for proper physiological, and reproductive processes such as proper development of embryo, healthy growth, hatchability, and egg production.

Vitamin D3 : It is necessary for balanced deposition of calcium and phosphorus especially during the growing stages when the bone formation and development of skeleton takes place. It also helps in egg shell formation.

Vitamin B1 : Prevents weight loss, leg weakness and unsteady gait.

Vitamin B6 : It is necessary for the proper metabolism of amino-aicds, and formation of enzymes.

Vitamins B12 : Plays an important role in the biosyntheses of proteins and is also connected with the metabolism of fat an dcarbyhydrates.

Niacin : Helps in growth and improve appetite. Calcium Pantothenate : An essential to prevent mortality in chicks. Improve normal egg production and hatchability in breeders.

Vitamin E : It acts as general physiological antioxidant in the body. It also protects all B complex Vitamins by its antioxidant activity and is necessary for fertility and hatchability.

Vitamin K : Reduces bleeding during attack of Coccidiosis. Deficiency of Vitamin K leads to prolonged bleeding.

Choline Chloride : Due to faulty metabolism, the function of lever gets disturbed resulting in Fat depositiion around the lever. This is called Fatty lever syndrome. Unless controlled this syndrome results in excessive mortality of birds. Choline Chloride with its lipotropic action prevents and also removes the fat deposition around the levet

DL-Methionine : Helps in growth, weight gain, and also helps in synthesis of choline and Vitamin B12. Adding methionine to the diet improves feed efficiency resulting in reduced feed consumption.

L-Lysine : It is an essential amino-acid required for growth and synthesises of proteins.