ABIC Biological Lab Teva Ltd.,

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Company Name ABIC Biological Lab Teva Ltd.,
Contact Person
Address Post Box 489
Beit-Shemesh, Israil, Israel.
Zip / Postal Code 99100
Telephone +972-2-990-6916
Fax +972-2-990-5917
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Website www.abic-vet.com
Description Product/Services:
Abic Biological Laboratories Teva Ltd, Israel is a reputed veterinary biological company belonging to Teva Group. Abic has a very comprehensive product range including poultry biologicals, anti-infectives, vitamin / feed additives, antiparasiticals and disinfectants. Abic's worldclass live attenuated vaccines include IBD MB, IB+IBD+ND, Quadractin, infectious Coryza, Cholerin Triple etc. Abic has revolutionized the prevention of coccidiosis in broilers by inventing CoxAbic, an anticoccidial inactivated vaccine. Abic is the first company in the world to introduce the concept of tablet vaccine.
In India, Abic has a marketing tie up with Sarabhai Zydus Animal Health Ltd, Vadodara for their animal health care products.
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