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Company Name Panacea Biotec
Contact Person Mr.Pradeep Kumar Jain
Address B-1, Extn, G-3, Mohan cooperative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road
New Delhi, Delhi, India.
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Telephone 91-11-26945270/26974500/41678000/41679000
Fax 91-11-41044550/41679096
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Description   Panacea Biotec is India’s highly progressive research based health management company involved in research, manufacturing and marketing of branded pharmaceutical formulations, vaccines and natural products. The product portfolio includes highly innovative prescription products in important therapeutic areas like pain management, diabetes & cardiovascular management, renal disease management, osteoporosis management, anti-tubercular, gastro-intestinal care products and vaccines. The  flagship brands of the company- Willgo for pain management;  Glizid & Glizid-M for diabetes;  Panimun Bioral & Mycept for kidney transplant occupy leadership positions in their therapeutic segments.   This is in persuit of marketing strategies to build brands and drive the growth of the company.

The vaccines portfolio consists of oral polio vaccines (type I and type III), Enivac-HB (Hepatitis B vaccine), Enivac-HB Safsy, Ecovac-4 (DTwP+Hep B), Easyfour (DTwP+Hib), Easyfive (DTwP+Hep B+Hib). Vaccines in the offing are- Anthrax, Dengue, Japanese encephalitis and several others. Panacea Biotec has earned the distinction of being a WHO pre-qualified supplier of oral polio and Hepatitis-B vaccines and are in the process of obtaining similar pre-qualifications for other vaccines.  Panacea Biotec is contributing in disease prevention and reducing the child mortality.

Ardent Research and Development efforts have always been a great strength of Panacea Biotec. The main research areas are New Chemical Entities (NCE), New Biological Entities (NBE) Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS) based pharmaceutical formulations, Novel peptides & human monoclonal antibodies and Vaccine development. The company has developed four distinguished, ultra modern, state-of-art R&D centers in different locations, having internal capabilities for constant research, with over 200 highly professional and skilled scientists engaged in various aspects of research.

Focused research efforts have led to grant of worldwide product patents valid in over 60 countries for Panacea Biotec. As on March, 2007, the company had filed 490 patent applications in various parts of the world including India. Of these, 163 have been granted patent and others are under various stages of examination or publication by the patent authorities. Some of these countries are USA, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Russia, Canada, Ukraine, Korea and China,.

The exclusive products based on patented Drug Delivery System include Panimun Bioral (Cyclosporine), Willgo, ThankGod (for comprehensive management of haemorrohoids), Xeed (anti-tubercular FDC with innovative Drug Delivery for optimum bioavailability of Rifampicin), Nimulid Safeinject,  Nimulid MD, Nimulid Transgel.

Commencing fiscal 2008, the company plans for international marketing of novel NDDS based pharmaceutical formulation products to the international markets, like USA, U.K., Germany, France, Latin American countries and Italy through marketing collaborations and are on the look out for partners for distribution & marketing.

Panacea Biotec is the third largest biotechnology company (as per ABLE Survey, 2006), as well as among the top 50 pharmaceutical companies (as per ORG IMS July 2006) of India. To tap newer opportunities, Panacea Biotec has organized its formulation marketing into four   SBUs - PRO, Diacar, GROW and Critical Care, which enables it to respond to changes in the industry and marketplace. The vaccines are marketed through Chiron Panacea Vaccines, a 50:50 joint venture with Novartis Vaccines, U.K

Panacea Biotec has identified brand building in exports as its thrust area and it has significant presence in the global markets including the CIS, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The company is actively exploring opportunities for launching as well as licensing out some of our patented products for manufacture/marketing in developed countries in Europe, North America and Latin America.

Panacea Biotec has significant collaborations and joint ventures with leading national and international research organizations and corporations. With Cambridge Biostability Ltd., U.K., Panacea Biotec has entered into strategic collaboration for developing thermo stable vaccines; with National Institute of Immunology, India for Japanese Encephalitis candidate vaccine, Biotech Consortium India Ltd. for the development, manufacture and marketing of Anthrax vaccine, worldwide. With National Institute of Health, USA, Panacea Biotec has entered into an in-licensing arrangement for use of a peptide based product for generation of hair follicles and hair growth. Panacea Biotec has also collaborated with Netherlands Vaccine Institute for Inactivated Polio Vaccine; NRDC- India for Foot & Mouth Disease vaccine for veterinary use and Bio Farma-Indonesia for Measles vaccine.

The company has ultra modern, state-of-art production facilities at Baddi (Himachal Pradesh), Larlu (Punjab) & Delhi for manufacturing tablets, capsules (including soft gelatin), ointments (transgel formulation) liquids, herbal formulations and vaccines. The facilities are WHO cGMP compliant.

Panacea Biotec has established a countrywide sales and marketing network in India through a vibrant sales force of more than 1,000 professionally trained and highly motivated marketing and sales professionals and efficient logistic network of 23 sales depots/carrying and forwarding agents all over India to make its products available at all places and at all times.

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