Biotron Healthcare (India)

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Company Name Biotron Healthcare (India)
Contact Person
Address 301, Coral Classic, 20th Road, Chembur
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Zip / Postal Code 400071
Telephone 91-22-25287626/25281015
Fax 91-22-25281012
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Description Head: Mr.Gayatri Ranganathan

   Biotron Healthcare is engaged in the distribution of quality/innovative products, technology and services from world leading manufacturers chosen carefully for their brand value and strength of the company.

Our Products :

We broadly classify our product range in four main categories :

Genomics and Proteomics
- Microarray Setup, 2D Gel systems, Biochips, consumables, etc.
Drug Discovery & Screening
- Multi-label Detection systems, Liquid handling for screening, Screening kits, etc.
Molecular Biology & Diagnostics
- Complete solution from Nucleic Acid Isolation – Amplification –Detection-Reporting
Liquid Handling
- Low throughput to High throughput systems, Blood Grouping Systems, Kit manufacturing set
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