Poultry Broiler Integration

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Company Name Poultry Broiler Integration
Contact Person Mr.Raghu
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Zip / Postal Code 500020
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Description 5/9/2009

Poultry Broiler Integration.

Comapny Task: Comapny will supply Chicks,Feed,Medicine and they will charge administrative and overhead charges.
Farmar Task :Farmar should have shed,Equipment,Electricity and loabour.For 10000 broilers ,the requirement of labour is 3 Labours.

For Example:

Company: Chick Cost 13.50(Fixed)
Feed Cost : Rs 15 per kg (Fixed)
Medicine : Actual Use.
Administrative Charge: Rs 2 per kg
Overhead Cost: Rs 2 per kg.
With this calculation the standard Production Cost Rate is Rs.40/- per kg , then Farmer will get Rs 2.90 (per kg) as service charge.If the production cost is less than Rs.40 he will get plus 40 % incentive on Rs.2.90.If the Production Cost is coming above Rs.40 Farmar will get - 40 % on Rs.2.90.Some of the calculation will be there.
The broiler market Rate in between Rs.45 to Rs.50. Farmar will get incentive on that .If it is above in between Rs.50 to Rs.60 farmar will get some more incentive on that.
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