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Company Name Unijules Life Sciences Ltd
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Address Universal Square, 1505-1, Shantinagar
Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.
Zip / Postal Code 440002
Telephone 0712-2768512/6842/2762589
Fax 0712-2763212/2589
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Website www.unijules.com
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    * Our Mission  ( 1 items )

      We will exploit our Zeal for excellence and spirit of innovation in the field of medicine to ensure our position as a premier pharmaceutical manufacturing organisation specialising in..

      - Niche products and markets.

      - Original research based herbals for chronic ailments.

      - Biotechnology based products and processes.

      - Thereby contributing to availability of high quality affordable healthcare for the common man and meeting our obligation to our employees, investors and the shareholders.
    * Our Story  ( 7 items )

      - Founded in 1932 by Mr. Saleh Vali, beginning as a small town Dispensing pharmacy of Nagpur.

      - Now a corporate professional with $25 Million annual sales, having six manufacturing sites and business in 21 countries employing cutting edge Technology.
      - Specialized in Generic including Tablets, Capsules, Injectables, Liquids & Semisolids.
      - Niche areas targeted NDDS & PFIs, Herbal Specialities Cosmetics, Contrast Media & Diagnostics.

Allopathic Range
Our allopathic range of products is immense. We own patents on some of the latest technology in the Bio-Medical and Pharma fields.

Liquid External 553
Trade Products 1040
Liquid Orals 4668
Hormonals 1429
Contrast Media 1876
Injections 1658
Eye Drops 1125
Ointment 2499
Gels 8122
Creams 1510

Herbal Range
Our range of herbal products, as well as the technology used to encapsulate it is phenomenol.

Generics 326
Pellets 2528
Phytochemicals 2154
Balms and Gels 1682
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