Dyota Numandis Pharmaceuticals Pvt LTd

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Company Name Dyota Numandis Pharmaceuticals Pvt LTd
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Address 4th Floor, Asiatic Trade Centre, Near Jain temple, Navrangpura
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
Zip / Postal Code 380009
Telephone 079-66610068/32946754
Fax 079-66610069
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Website www.dyotanumandis.com
Description About Dyota Numandis
Dyota Numandis is a new-age pharmaceutical company, leveraging its experience, expertise and energies to better people’s lives.

Since its foundation in 2003, Dyota Numandis has grown exponentially in a very short span. With over 600 employees, 13 exclusive and niche products, 21 distribution centers across the nation reaching over 80,000 retailers and a projected turnover of Rs. 150 crores by 2011, we’re amongst one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies today with a proven track record of success year after year.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad and having a network throughout India, Dyota Numandis works with some of the top-ranked pharmaceutical companies from all around the globe to bring together breakthrough product innovations, from pro-biotics to nutraceuticals and way beyond.

Above all, our clear vision, a focused approach, deep industry knowledge and relentless passion for life have helped Dyota Numandis become what it is today: A front-runner in its field.

But that’s not the end of the story. Just the beginning. A start of Dyota Numandis era.
About Dyota Numandis
What's in a Name?

At Dyota, we work for products in which we believe in. Our expertise is to identify promising products and turn them into successful brands. We strongly emphasize on specific product niche only.

We are selective, focused and dedicated towards the product line we offer. This ensures high level of commitment, unbridled attention and endless efforts which ultimately transform our products into market leader in their respective therapeutic segments.

Ramcet, Reflora, ReWalk are already market-leading brands that are part of our growing product family.

Our current product portfolio includes a broad range of highly-reliable and innovative products in therapeutic segments of Probiotics, Analgesic & Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Arthritic, Iron supplement, Anti-Ulcerant, Digestive Enzyme & Anti-Cold.

And in very near future Dyota Numandis is going to diversify into bio-technology, origin molecules and alternative medicines which are more modern in approach but offering superior efficacy and higher safety.

The present product range of Dyota Numandis focuses on the therapeutic segments of:

    ◊    Pain Management         ◊   Probiotic Anti – diarrhoeal

- Ramcet
- Ramcet - D
- Ramcet - S

- Ramcet - Injectible


- Reflora
- Reflora - Kid

- Reflora - R
- Reflora - Z

     ◊   Anti – inflammatory         ◊   Anti – reflux and Acid control

- Lorox 8/4
- Lorox P


- Dyoflux

     ◊   Anti - arthritic         ◊   G.I. Digestive Enzyme

- Rewalk


- Hiact - P

     ◊   Iron supplementation         ◊   Paediatric Anti - cold & Fever

- Vegefer Range


- Coldman Green
- Coldman Suspension

     ◊   Neuropathic pain   

- Game Tablets
- Game Injectible

Ramcet - D
Ramcet – S
Ramcet - Injectible
Lorox 8/4
Lorox P
Vegefer Range
Reflora Kid
Reflora - R
Reflora - Z
Tablets / Injectibles
Hiact - P
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