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Company Name Ds Design Solutions - Pharmaceutical Consultant
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Address 30, Bharat Udyog Nagar, Off-Aarey Road, goregaon(E)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Zip / Postal Code 400063
Telephone 022-28780019
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Website www.designsolutions.co.in
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   Since the 1980s, when Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) methods first became available in design engineering, finite element analysis (FEA) became the first widely adopted simulation tool. Over the years, it has helped design engineers study the structural performance of new products, and replace many time-consuming, costly prototypes with inexpensive computer simulations run on CAD models.

Today, because of the growing complexity of mechanical products and increasingly fierce competition to bring new designs to market faster, engineers feel mounting pressure to extend the scope of simulation beyond FEA. Along with simulating structural performance with FEA, engineers also need to determine the kinematics and dynamics of new products before the building of physical prototypes.

Motion simulation - also known as rigid body dynamics - offers a simulation approach to solving those issues. Its use is growing fast, and as it does, design engineers want to know more about it, asking: What it is? What problems can it solve? How can it benefit the product design process?
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