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Company Name Intellicon Private LImited - Pharmaceutical Consultant
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Address 301, Steel House, Mahal Ind. estate , Mahakali Caves road, Andheri(E)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Zip / Postal Code 400093
Telephone 022-26810000
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In 1992, the formal establishment of Intellicon was effected through a concerted decision to give a new identity to the flagship company Essen Telecommunications . The scope of operations could then be redefined and free the company to advance into new technology products. The legacy of products being passed on to the new organization were C Dot base EPABX products. As a market leader in this category, Intellicon successfully developed and marketed many niche solutions. With the new liberalized economy gaining momentum in India, Sameer Parekh, a US returned technocrat and the managing director of Intellicon, pursued the plan to diversify into new and emergent technologies in telecommunications and also explore opportunities in other Advanced Technology areas.

By 1996, Intellicon had identified a new emergent technology area, namely automatic data capture solutions as its new area of interest. Although a fairly mature industry in the west, Automatic Data Capture was still finding its feet in India. There was little or no development in the industrial front, and the retail sector had yet to assume the scale of western malls and superstores. Moreover, the contribution of this industry to the corporate bottom line and its marked efficacy in logistic operations was not appreciated in its full import.

Intellicon’s foray in ADC solutions has been highly successful. With a boisterous economy to help and the growing emphasis on automation ,as well as the boom in the retail segment Bar Code solutions are fast becoming the order of the day. Intellicon’s association with some of the world’s leading ADC solution providers complements its own recognized capability in delivering solutions which require customization, innovation and creative ingenuity. Besides a national network of offices gives confidence to large multilocational customers the confidence to feel the presence of Intellicon. By 2004 Intellicon had emerged as one of India’s biggest ADC companies.

Then arrived Video Conferencing. It promised to radicalize the very essence of communication. And true to its ‘Touching Tomorrow Today’ philosophy, Intellicon visualized Video Conferencing in India as the next ‘big’ thing. It decided to make available to the Indian markets, the very best in Visual Communications.

Intellicon succeeded....again. It has joined hands with World's leading Visual Communications Giant to promote Video Conferencing solutions which will cater to every application required in the field; and also some that were considered beyond it.

Meanwhile, Intellicon had been making aggressive plans in the Telecom sector too. In 1999, it was clear that with a large network of offices and a competent team of telecom marketing professionals and the domination of international telecom brands in India, it would make great sense to follow a similar strategy. A collaboration or business association would be well in order. The company’s association with three international giants has geared the company’s telecom operations in a big way. Intellicon today offers a full complement of telecom solutions, starting from the entry level EPABX systems for homes to large digital multilocational networked communication systems that can compete with the best technologies of the world. This unique capability makes Intellicon the one and only Total Telecom Solution Provider in India.

Both the Telecom and ADC operations required basic software customization in the initial years. While the software team took on more and more challenges in the ensuing years, it soon became evident that a full software team made a lot of sense. This team which now operates as an SBU has acquired the competence and skills to deliver solutions in ADC, Telecom and embedded applications . Today more and more projects are being developed and successfully implemented by this team which is also continually upgrading its skills on latest platforms.

Intellicon is a 600 million company today. While consolidating its position in the four key areas, it understands all its business plans need to be aggressive and keep pace with changing and newer technologies which are sweeping global economies. This phenomenon has impacted India too, and keeping this scenario in mind Intellicon intends to change, adapt and advance to new frontiers of technology and excellence. A touchstone where everyone will ‘Feel Our Presence’.

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