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Company Name Jopasana Software & Systems Ltd - Pharmceutical Consultant
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Address 17, electronic co-op Estate, Pune-Satara Road
Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Zip / Postal Code 411009
Telephone 020-24228112
Fax 022-24226246
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Jopasana is a product engineering and software solutions company operating mainly in the hi-tech "real-time" and embedded systems domain, helping customers with complete product realization services and application engineering services for end-user applications.

Jopasana, in Sanskrit, means to "nurture". At Jopasana, since our inception, in 1990, we have always strived to nurture relationships with our customers, our employees, our business partners, stake holders, and the communities that we operate in.

Various stages at which technologies and product ideas were consolidated over the years
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Jopasana Evolution
Jopasana has been one of the early companies focused on product / solution design and development. Over the years it has developed processes and capabilities to build mission critical systems (24x7) for customers, from start-ups to Fortune 500. Jopasana operates in a wide range of industries including Automotive & Aerospace, Energy & Utilities, Hi-tech, Life-sciences, Manufacturing & Process, Networking & Telecommunication, and Semiconductor Manufacturing Automation.

Jopasana" has nurtured the development of "High-Tech Solutions" since its inception. For over a decade, it has conceptualized, refined and evolved solutions for a variety of industries and operations. This experience has helped develop a 'repository of knowledge' that could be classified into:

Emerging skill sets and capabilities for select technical services

Emerging 'ideas' that converted into 'Products and Solutions' as per the specific opportunities identified in the market place.

Our offshore centric development model and project execution processes effectively address the challenges of rapid advancements in software and hardware, as well as the need to compliment each other in terms of domain understanding. This has helped us become a valuable development partner for many a customer.

We are headquartered in Pune, India and have subsidiary companies in I the UK and the US.

In keeping with our commitment to the communities at large, we are active in providing innovative solutions for remote monitoring of alternate sources of energy, such as solar and wind, as well as solutions for reduction in fuel and energy consumption. We offer Real-time Asset Performance Management solutions using our product OutPerform.
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