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Company Name Osper Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd
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Address 506,Vishwadeep Tower,4Distt Centre,Janakpuri
Delhi, Delhi, India.
Zip / Postal Code 110058
Telephone 011-25528401
Fax 011-41580115
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Website www.osperindia.net
Description ABOUT US:

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce us as one of the growing Pharmaceutical Company in India and is engaged in Manufacturing, Marketing and Distributing Pharmaceutical & Medical products.

Osper is an Ahmedabad based company, Established in 2000. It is our continuous Effort to bring you the best possible products of our Capsules, Dry syrups Tablets, Kid tablets, Oral liquids and Injectable very soon. We are marketing our complete speciality range of products in Northern India successfully and are growing from strength to strength in competitive Pharmaceutical Industry. Osper has developed from having a Wide range of ethical and pharmaceutical products, now also in FMCG.

Osper provides quality products from its ‘WHO GMP’ certified Manufacturing Unit.

Osper has established a solid foundation and goodwill among the medical profession and Trade. Osper’s positive reputation of high quality products, brands must keep their promises and service in ever growing.

Osper is like to be perceived as a great Enterprise, which builds great brands with great People for a great future. We are involved in Social Welfare activities by organizing camps in association with the highly qualified Doctors and providing free medicines to the patients.

Even doctors from prestigious institute like All India Institute of Medical Sciences, department of Gastroenterology, New Delhi, have approached us for the clinical study of our brands by inspiring the Excellency of our products.

Prestigious Institutes like Guru Jambheshwar University, Hissar has appreciated our work and approached us to provide training & placement to their pharmacy Graduates.

Even we are participating in International Conferences and our product was appreciated in Prestigious Institutes like AIIMS & PGI etc.

All of our products are listed in National level Journals like Drug Today & Indian Drug Review.

1. Aclox-250 Cloxacillin 250mg
2. Aclox-500 Cloxacillin 500mg
3. Cefos-1500 Cefuroxime 1500mg
4. Cefos-250 Cefuroxime 250mg
5. Cefos-750 Cefuroxime 750mg
6. Cefos-S 1.5 Cefuroxime 1000mg+sulbactum 500mg
7. Cefos-S 750 Cefuroxime 500mg+sulbactum 250mg
8. C-Pime-1000 Cefepime 1000mg
9. C-Pime-250 Cefepime 250mg
10. C-Pime-500 Cefepime 500mg
11. C-Pime-T Cefepime 1000mg+tazobactum 125 mg
12. Meropam-1000 Meropenam 1000mg
13. Meropam-125 Meropenam 125mg
14. Meropam-250 Meropenam 250mg
15. Meropam-500 Meropenam 500mg
16. Ocef Inj.1 gm Ceftriaxone  1 gm.
17. Ocef-2000 Ceftriaxone2000mg
18. Ocef-250 Ceftriaxone 250mg
19. Ocef-500 Ceftriaxone 500mg
20. Ocef-S 1.5gm Ceftriaxone 1000mg+sulbactum 500mg
21. Ocef-S 187.5 Ceftriaxone 125mg+sulbactum 62.5mg
22. Ocef-S 375 Ceftriaxone250mg+sulbactum 150mg
23. Ocef-S 750 Ceftriaxone 500mg+sulbactum250mg
24. Ocef-T 1.125gm Ceftriaxone 1000mg+Tazobactum125mg
25. Ocef-V 1.5gm Ceftriaxone 1000mg+Vancomycin .5 gm
26. Ocef-V3gm Ceftriaxone 2000mg+Vancomycin 1 gm
27. Opirom-1000 Cefpirome 1000mg
28. Opirom-500 Cefpirome 500mg
29. Opirom-250 Cefpirome 250mg
30. Osclav 1.2gm Amoxycillin 1gm + Clavulanic acid 200mg
31. Osclav-300 Amoxicillin250mg+ Clavulanic acid 50mg
32. Osclav-600 Amoxicillin500mg+ Clavulanic acid 100mg
33. Osocillin-100 Ampicillin 100mg
34. Osocillin-250 Ampicillin 250mg
35. Osocillin-500 Ampicillin 500mg
36. Osocillin-S 1.5 Ampicillin 1gm+sulbactum 500mg
37. Osocillin-S 1gm Ampicillin 750mg+sulbactum 250mg
38. Osoclox1gm Amoxicillin 500+cloxacillin 500
39. Osoclox250 Amoxicillin 125+cloxacillin 125
40. Osoclox500 Amoxicillin 250+cloxacillin 250
41. Osomox 250 Amoxycillin 250mg
42. Osomox 500 Amoxycillin 500mg
43. Osotax -500 Cefotaxime 500mg
44. Osotax inj 1gm Cefotaxime Anhydrous 1000mg
45. Osotax-125 Cefotaxime 125mg
46. Osotax-250 Cefotaxime 250mg
47. Osotax--S 1.5 gm Cefotaxime 1000 mg+sulbactam 500mg
48. Osotax--S 375mg Cefotaxime 200 mg+sulbactam 125mg
49. Osotax--S750mg Cefotaxime 500 mg+sulbactam250mg
50. Oszid Inj.250gm Ceftazidime250mg a Bland of St.Ceftazidime Pentahydrate & sterile Sodium carbonate.  
51. Oszid Inj.500mg Ceftazidime500mg a Bland of St.Ceftazidime Pentahydrate & sterile Sodium carbonate.  
52. Oszid Inj.1gm Ceftazidime1gm a Bland of St.Ceftazidime Pentahydrate & sterile Sodium carbonate.  
53. Ozolin-1000 Cefazolin 1000mg
54. Ozolin-500 Cefazolin 500mg
55. Ozolin-250 Cefazolin 250mg
56. Suzon - S .5gm Cefoperazone 250mg + Sulbactum  250mg  
57. Suzon - S 1gm Cefoperazone 500mg + Sulbactum  500mg  
58. Suzon - S 2gm Cefoperazone 1gm + Sulbactum 1gm  
59. Suzon 250mg Cefoperazone 250 mg
60. Suzon 1gm Cefoperazone 1gm
61. Suzon 2gm Cefoperazone 2 gm
62. Tazobid 2.25gm Pipracillin 2 gm +Tazobactum  0.25 gm  
63. Tazobid 4.5gm Pipracillin 4 gm +Tazobactum  0.5 gm  
64. Trizox-1000 Ceftrizoxime1000mg
65. Trizox-250 Ceftrizoxime 250mg
66. Uniclox-1000 Ampicillin500mg + cloxacillin 500mg
67. Uniclox-250 Ampicillin150mg+cloxacillin 150mg
68. Uniclox-500 Ampicillin250mg+cloxacillin 250mg
(II) Antibiotics (IX) Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  1. Clarics   1. Optase  
2. Omibact  2. Optase-10
  3. Omibact- TZ   3. Optase- NH
4. Osiflox  4. Osonim
  5. Osiflox - TZ   5. Osonim P
  6. Osiflox - OZ   6. Ospidol
  7. Osiflox - Ear/Eye drops   7. Paradic
  8. Ospar   8. IBU
  9. Solorox   9. Nimudin  
  10. Ocef    10. Paradic-C
  11. Cefos      
  12. Oszid (X) Haematinics
  13. Osotax   1. Feron
  14. Omidrox   2. Sfol
  15. Osclav      
  16. Osibact (XI) Cough Syrup  
  17. Suzon-S   1. Oscodin  
18. Ovir Inj.  2. Oryl
  19. Solorox Suspension      
  20. Ospidyne (XII) Oral Hygenie
        1. Osihex
(III) Hormones      
  1. Predlone  (XIII) Anti fungal
        1. Fungazol
(IV) Anthelmintics      
  1. Dazo (XIV) Osmotic Purgatives
        1.  Laclouse
(V) Antiallergic & decongestant      
  1. Alcet (XV) Hypolipidaemic Agent
        1.  Ostin
(VI) Antiemetic      
  1. Setron (XVI) Multivitamins & Minerals
    1.   Oscal
(VII) Sedatives   2. Alpha-B-cal
  1. Alpose        
   (XVII) Nutritional Supplements
(VIII) Anatacid    1.  Osprovit-Z
1. Lanoz  2. Betamore
2. Novagel  3. Osprovit Sup  
  3. Novagel-D      
  4. Oraz (XVIII) Haemostatic
  5. Pandom   1.  Disylate
  6. Pandon      
      (XIX) Haematinics
        1. Orgacal
        2. Oz-Glu  
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