Poultry & Livestock Expo motivated farmers to enhance their income without investing much, say organisers

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Poultry & Livestock Expo motivated farmers to enhance their income without investing much, say organisers

Inaugurating the 4th edition of Agri Tech and concurrent events including Poultry & Livestock Expo, on 25th August, organised by Media Today group, in Bangalore, Former Prime Minister of India Mr Deve Gowda called for policy changes, use of latest technology, contract farming and a check on wasteful expenditure to take Indian agriculture forward.

The inaugural ceremony also saw the presence of several high-profile national and international dignitaries like Mr Alfons Stoelinga (Ambassador designate, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands), and Mr Ashok Murarka (Chairperson, CAA, Nepal).

Hailed by participants as a "grand success", the three-day Agri Tech also featured the 4th edition of India Foodex  and  other concurrent events --  Grain Tech India (third edition), Dairy Tech India (2nd edition) and South Asian Dairy Congress and Poultry & Livestock Expo

"I fully support this event," Deve Gowda said complimenting the organisers. "I think it is of extreme use to the farmers."
But Gowda was surprised at the ubiquitous absence of the State Government. "State governmentís absence is unfortunate," he noted. He said that this government is not supporting agriculture melas. "The officers of agriculture departments should attend such exhibitions to share the information and get enlightened, "he said.

He also rued that the fragmentation of land and labour shortage were major problems which affect scores of poor and marginalised farmers across the country. He said nearly 79 per cent farmers in Karnataka had less than 1.25 ha of land.

The former PM of India was immensely amazed at the technologically best display by Holland at its pavilion. He at once remembered his visit to the country when he was the PM. He praised Holland for its stupendous achievements in the field of agricultural inventions and technology know-how.

"Indian farmers should be able to use these tools and technologies to achieve optimum value for the land and investment in farming," he said.

"Unproductive programmes and wasteful expenditure have prevented the country from reaching its full agricultural potential," he said and added that mechanisation was not the only answer to successful farming.

"I can, however, understand the introduction of contract farming. It has become necessary if a farmer needs to lead a dignified life. I will not discourage this concept," he said.

The former PM spent a good 3 hour visiting stalls and communicating with the delegates and farmers and complimenting them for the grand display. Gowda also visited APEDA stall and was impressed by the overall display. APEDA officials presented him with a special bouquet containing frozen cut-vegetables.

Nepali Delegation

He shared emotional time with Nepali delegates and fondly said that Nepal and Indiaís bond in beyond business and facts. "The two nations are historically and culturally connected to each other, and this brotherly feeling is present in al walks of shared life," he said. He also mentioned The Water Treaty which was signed by two countries in his premiership.

Responding this gesture, Ashok Murarka, Chairperson of Commercial Agriculture Alliance, Nepal, said that he was overwhelmed by the words of Indiaís former PM and added that India is like an elder brother to Nepal, and will always be a guiding light, friend and philosopher to his country. "The ancient bond is unbreakable," he said proudly.

The Nepali delegation leader said that this event should also be held in his country so as to give greater exposure to Nepalís farmers and agri-entrepreneurs to the global perspective and technologies. He overwhelmingly praised exhibition organizer Media Today Group for connecting Nepali visitors with so many global leaders in agriculture and to technologies under a single roof. "This is the first of its kind event for Nepali farmers, and as you see they are simply overwhelmed," he said.
But he also requested all the stall handlers and experts to communicate with Nepali visitors in Hindi only for full comprehension.

The three day multi-show event attracted over 23, 000 visitors and more than 300 delegates from all parts of India and more than 20 countries. Japan did not participate this time, while Nigerian delegation took part on the last day of the exhibition. There were over 300 stalls, most of them displaying more than two technologies or products. Various innovative tools such as mobile solar milking machine hogged the limelight at Bangaloreís Palace Ground.

According to the organizers, Agritech India 2012 successfully brought together all the agrarian business stakeholders under one umbrella. It covered all facets of agriculture and offered an insight into farm mechanisation, pre and post-harvest management of food crops, food processing, marketing and retailing. "The primary focus of the event was to help farmers, especially those facing "unpredictable weather and unprofessional market situations," said M B Naqvi, CEO of Media Today Group.
The convention also tried to find solutions to turn farmers into rural entrepreneurs by giving them means to adopt the latest technology, to compete in the global markets.

S. Jafar Naqvi, Chief Coordinator of the event and Chief Editor, Media Today welcomed the guests and delivered Inaugural Speech.


South Asian Dairy Congress

Against the backdrop of stakeholders in this region making determined efforts to expand and diversify their activities, this congress has drawn wide participation from livestock and technology experts and leaders from the industry.


Explaining the need for Poultry &Livestock Expo, MB Naqvi said, "This is important for farmers in terms of value-addition such as rearing cattle and poultry which can certainly increase their revenue. Today, farmers are interested to explore further possibilities to multiply their income. And it makes sense for them to do ancillary activities such as keeping poultry and cattle as it would not be too much of a burden for them. So, while they are growing main crops, they can also look after their animals and poultry to get extra income, which they so badly need".

Around 30 stalls were set up under Poultry & Livestock Expo displaying latest technologies to enhance productivity and to fight bovine diseases. The Expo was actively supported by the Poultry Federation of India.

An important concurrent event was South Asian Dairy Congress, which drew wide participation of livestock and technology experts and industry leaders.   Against the backdrop of stakeholders of dairy industry in the region making determined efforts to expand and diversify their activities, the organisation of this congress was most timely. Crucial issues facing dairy development came in for in-depth discussion.

The Dairy Congress was coordinated by NDRI, Bangalore.

After the keynote Address by Ms. Rajni Sekhri Sibal (J.S -- Dept. of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, MoA),   Guests of Honour made their presentations. She also highlighted the growing relevance of efforts to enhance productivity of milch animals, health management and supply chain management. She assured all possible help for development of dairy industry in India and invited suggestions of dairy professionals for possible policy supports.  Henk van Duijn, Counsellor for Agriculture in the Netherlands Embassy touched on some of the aspects of dairy technology while stressing on quality.  He stated that all possible help and cooperation will be extended for improving trades in milk and milk products. Mr.R. Ravindra, AGM-APEDA, Bangalore, in his address highlighted the growing role of APEDA and stated that APEDA would cooperate in every activity for improvement of dairy sector and international trade.

The welcome address was delivered by S. Jafar Naqvi, Chief Coordinator of the event.


Dr. A.K. Srivastava, Director, NDRI, Karnal, presided over the session. He stressed the rising importance of milk sector in the Indian Economy and reiterated that the importance would increase in the times to come. He discussed various issues of dairy industry pertaining to Milk Production, Animal Health Management, Dairy Processing, Marketing & Food safety and the requirement of adequate infrastructure to facilitate the development.His remarks were followed by Vote of Thanks by S Jafar Naqvi, Chief Coordinator, Media Today Group.  The session was coordinated by Dr. P.K. Dixit, Principal Scientist, NDRI, Bangalore.

In this congress, the 1st Technical Session was on "Milk Production and Animal Health Management".  Dr. C.S. Prasad, Director, NIANP, chaired the session. Dr. B.S. Khanna, Regional Director, NDDB Bangalore was the co-chairman. Dr. N.K. S. Gowda, Principal Scientist, NIANP, Bangalore was the Rapporteur. The session was coordinated by Dr. K.P. Ramesha, Principal Scientist, NDRI, Bangalore.

The speakers were:

Mr. Kamlesh R Trivedi (NDDB) spoke on "Animal Breeding", and made presentation on Animal Breeding was made by Dr K R Trivedi, NDDB, Anand. He briefed about the National Dairy Plan (NDP) and strategies required to achieve the targeted milk production in India. He emphasized the need of scientific breeding, nutrition and use of information technology. He highlighted the aspects of breeding policies, biosecurity in bull stations, semen quality and progeny testing programme. Ms. Josephine Verhaeghe, Cid Lines, Holland, spoke on "Mastitus control & increasing Milk Production", and made presentation on Mastitis control. She elaborated the measures for mastitis prevention and management in dairy herd, including barn hygiene, milkersí hygiene and udder / teat health. KlaasLeeuw, Akzo Nobel KNZ, Holland, spoke on "Animal Nutrition and Productivity". Mr Rakesh Dave (Akaza Nobel KNZ) spoke on the KNZ free choice salt lick. He briefed the need of salt and minerals for dairy herd and merits of free choice salt lick. Shashikant Singh Tomar and Mr. Aleem Shaikh,   DeLavel India, shared their ideas on "Animal Health, Milk Quality & Mechanization in Dairy Farming". They focused on the aspects of mastitis, fertility and hoof health, besides comfort of dairy animals and stress management.

Based on the presentations made and discussion / suggestion of delegates, the following recommendations are made:

  • Scientific and agro-climatic zone based breeding policies are required looking into local resources.

  • Entrepreneurship in breeding and marketing of dairy heifers / cows need to be promoted.

  • Free choice salt lick should consider the area specific mineral deficiencies and develop area specific free choice mineral licks.

  • Control measures for preventing mastitis through maintaining udder hygiene should be promoted through training of farmers and farm women, NDRI should consider offering such training programs at regular intervals in association with milk unions.

  • Mechanization of dairy operations integrating biosecurity, feeding, milking, processing and manure management should be popularized at field level through participatory approach involving research organizations, milk federations, SAUs, NGOs and private industry.

The second Technical session was devoted to the crucial subject of food safety. Dr P A Shankar Director PGS, KVFSU, Bidar chaired the session, while the co-chairman as Dr B V Venkateshaiah, Dean PGS, KVAFSU.

The subjects and speakers were: Food safety and Dairy Industry by Mr Tejbhan Thairani, Ex-CEO, Haryana Dairy Federation & Consultant, Mehsana Union Unit of AMUL (he spoke on food safety in dairy industry. He highlighted that food safety is vital requirement in dairy industry and there must be no compromise on meeting quality standards. He summarized the approaches that would reduce resource wastage and prevention of rejections at production point and also in the market); Milk Collection and Testing Systems in India by Ms karan Nangia, Direactor, Benny Impex (He traced the development of milk collection and testing systems in India over time. He envisaged that new era of milk testing would involve infrared, combination of thermal and infra-red and ultrasonic methods, which can deliver the complete spectrum of tests in minimum time.  He added that these methods are cost effective as well. He stated that Benny Impex (P) Ltd., over the years,  provided state-of-the-art products in milk collection and testing); Animal Identification and Traceability in India, by Mr Thomas, AllFlex India (He emphasized that accurate identification of animals would play a pivotal role in dairy industry and facilitate food safety. In order to remain globally competitive, Indian farmers must adopt radio-frequency-based electronic identification (RFID). He also added that application of RFID method benefits producers and also government missionary); and, Instrumentation and their role in improvement of process efficiency and safety by Mr Bernhard Gleri director of Product Management and Mareketing Negele Messtechnik GmbH (.He explained that targeting of appropriate action to improve process performance would be greatly improved by putting the application instruments in practice.  He stated that various process connections are available as built in systems. Accurate temperature probes, pressure gauges, controllers, signal converters and set point transmitters etc., are helpful in improving the process efficiency).


Based on detailed deliberations & suggestions, following recommendations are made,

  • Food safety should be the binding force of the dairy industry in the country for which adequate measures should be initiated right from the animal, to processing units to market to consumer.

  • Individual animal identity is must to regulate the quality of milk at producer level and necessary infrastructure development, upto date cleanliness of the production line are prerequisites to produce safer foods in dairy industry.

  • Adequate awareness creation, training and manpower development for food safety must receive top consideration.

Session 3

The next session was devoted to Dairy Processing and Packaging. Dr Satish Kulkarni, Head, NDRI, Bangalore was the chairman while K L Gajendran, former KM, Kolar Milk Union was the Co-chairman.

The Topics for discussion and speakers were:

Clarified Polypropylene in Packaging of Dairy and Food Products by Raghunand Krishnan, Reliance Industries Ltd (He highlighted the necessity of innovations to enhance value addition, improve processing efficiency, and produce quality and safe dairy products. He added that shelf- life enhancement by employing novel processing and packaging options will be critical. He stressed importance of Polypropylene (PP) based packaging. He stated that such containers are retortable and microwave ready. He added that this cost effective packaging option is under successful trials in several leading dairies for packaging Sterilised flavoured milk. The speaker informed that M/s Reliance will be very eager to take forward this innovative packaging option to all interested dairy organizations in the country). Mr. A.Suresh, General Manager, Tirumala Milk Products Pvt Ltd. spoke on "The role of dairy industry in Rural Economy". He presented the status of dairy industry, milk flow pattern, milk production and per capita consumption statistics of the country. He identified the emerging trends in dairying such as commercial dairy farms, milk collection at village door steps, etc. He stressed the need for government support to farmers towards setting up of mini dairy farms. He reiterated the need for co-ordinated efforts of govt., research organizations, financial institutions and farmers at large, for an overall development of dairy sector in our country.

The other speakers and topics were: Dairy Processing by Bart Bhermans, Bodes Process Technology BV;  and, Role of Dairy Industry in Rural Ecunomy by A Suresh, General Manager, Tirumala Milk Products, Palamaner.

Based on detailed deliberations / suggestions, following recommendations are made:

  • Packaging flavoured milk in Polypropylene container is an innovative and cost effective solution. Attempts may be made by dairy industry for its suitability.

  • Government support is essential to farmers towards setting up of mini dairy farms by providing subsidies and loans at par with agricultural loans.
  • NDDB & NDRI must concentrate research on improving productivity in cattle.

  • Training related to Clean Milk Production & Food Safety aspects, need to be intensified.

  • Developing backward integration like water resources, feed and fodder development, and trained manpower are also very much needed for development of dairying

Special Conference on farm mechanization

A special conference on "Emerging Market for Agriculture Technology and Crops in South Asian Countries" was also held, and it was an important meet since technology adoption and farm mechanisation are gaining ground fast in this region to ensure better food and nutrition security to its bourgeoning population.


In Inaugural Session, S Jafar Naqvi, Chief Coordinator, welcomed the participants, and the tone for the discussions was set by thought-provoking addresses by Dr D S Bedi (Head Head-USD, CSIR, New Delhi), Officer from Srilankan Agriculture Ministry, and Manager, Force Motors Ltd., Pune. It was followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Expo Facts & Figures:

Total Area-7000 Sq. Meter, Total Stalls-312, Companies Display-Over 475 Indian Delegations-27 States, Foreign Participation (Major)-The Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, China, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal ( Total Approx 70 Companies, from 14 nations).

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