4th International Poultry & Livestock Expo - 2015, Bangalore

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4th International Poultry & Livestock Expo 2015

Major stakeholders  of the Poultry and Livestock, Dairy sector made a beeline to Bangalore to  display their exclusive range of products and strike business deals at the 4th  Edition of International Poultry & Livestock Expo, which was held from  21-23 August 2015. The event was part of a larger series, 7th India  Foodex and 7th AgriTech India 2015 and was held concurrently with 5th  DairyTech India and 2nd MeatTech Asia.

  Organised by Media  Today Group, the series was a huge success and highly applauded by the  industry. The venue was the sprawling Bangalore International Exhibition Centre  in Karnataka’s capital city.

  Inaugurated by Dr.  G Kalpana, Principal Secretary of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs  (Government of Karnataka), the series facilitated interactions between the  producers, retailers, importers, and exporters of Poultry and Livestock, farm  and dairy based products. It promoted trade relations and cooperation between  different sectors of agricultural, Poultry and Livestock and farm industry and  its allied emerging segments, at the national as well as international level.  It was an ideal platform for the participants to launch their exclusive range  of products and services among thousands of importers and exporters, who were  present in large numbers at the expo.

  The target of International Poultry  & Livestock Expo for the last 4 years has been to cover the entire chain in  the Poultry segment.

Why Bangalore?

  Karnataka has one of the highest growth rates in India.  With an overall GDP growth, Karnataka has managed to surpass all other states  of India. For rural residents of Karnataka, agriculture is the major occupation  and the state offers great potential to the agricultural sector. Agriculture  and its allied activities account for 49% of the state’s income. Karnataka is a  major producer of many agricultural products. Moreover, the Agriculture Produce  Market at Amargol in Hubli is one of the largest markets in Asia. Bangalore  being the capital of Karnataka has been our prime choice for the past many  years. Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) is India’s finest  exhibition centre. Moreover, Bangalore is the main distribution hub of Southern  India and is also easily accessible from all neighbouring states and overseas  destinations.

Bustling Poultry  Industry in India:

  The liberalized economy has provided  requisite encouragement to the Indian entrepreneurs for establishing export  oriented Poultry and meat units.

  4th Int'l Poultry and  Livestock Expo was an international exhibition on poultry and livestock. India  has the largest livestock population in the world. The poultry sector is no  longer a mere backyard activity. It is now a major commercial activity. The 4th  edition of Int'l Poultry and Livestock Expo brought under one roof the leading  players of the poultry and livestock sector.

  Indian dairy sector has grown  substantially over the years. As a result, India ranks first among the world’s  milk producing nations. Dairying has become an important secondary source of  income for millions of rural families. 5th DairyTech India provided  an opportunity to the stakeholders of every segment of animal farming, dairy  industry & allied activities for utilizing the platform to expand and  diversify their business activities. It has provided an opportunity to the  exhibitors to understand how value addition in their dairy products can help to  enhance their returns.

  The demand for Indian meat products is  high, the world over. In its 2nd edition, MeatTech Asia played a  major role in enabling the upgradation and organization of domestic supply  chain and improving the processing & packaging of meat and poultry  products. 2nd MeatTech Asia provided a great opportunity to the  producers, meat processing technology suppliers, service industry and other  related sectors for displaying their strength and interacting with each other.

  The past 7 years of success have  provided ample proof of India Foodex series as being the ideal platform for  launching agro oriented products and services, food processing technologies,  and food brands among thousands of farmers, agro entrepreneurs, and  international stakeholders. The event has acted as an eye opener for the  cultivators, producers, wholesalers, exporters, and importers from every  segment of agriculture and food industry. In 7th India Foodex and 7th  AgriTech India, exhibitors displayed farm machinery equipment, packaging and  processing technologies, and a diverse range of food & beverage products.

  The Ministry of Food Processing  Industries sanctioned 42 Mega Food Parks in India in March 2015. In the light of  this development, we launched the India Food Park Expo 2015. It focussed on  numerous food products, technologies, means of minimising food wastage through  value addition and cold chain. There were theme pavilions on food parks,  infrastructure, warehousing, storage, supply chain management, automation, and  agri finance. It highlighted India’s efforts in promoting development and  progress of this sector for the benefit of Indian farmers, processors, traders  and other stakeholders, besides generating employment and help in “Make in  India” mission.

International  Participation:

  Based on spectacular success in the past, the expo  series have become India’s largest agribusiness platform, where 50% of  displayed products are from overseas markets. S. Jafar Naqvi, Chief  Coordinator, pointed out, “India has made spectacular progress in agriculture,  animal-farming and allied sectors of processed food industries. Indian  agro-technology and agro-products; mainly processed value-added products, when  put on massive display may interest the participating countries to boost the  trade”.

  This year the series of events witnessed the  participation of almost 30 countries. The focus countries of this edition were the Netherlands, Turkey,  Canada, Italy, Germany, Taiwan and China. Canada  was a new entrant in the event; Taiwan’s participation was on a larger scale  this year; and Turkey and China have continued to be our major participants.

  The series not only created awareness, but even promoted global  agribusiness, obviously benefitting the host country most. It has facilitated  faster international trade of agricultural and many other Poultry-based,  Dairy-based food products, machinery and equipment. Moreover, display of  advanced associated technology bridges the global gap.

  Some of the prominent international exhibitors of Poultry and animal  farming sector included, SynbioTech Inc (Taiwan), Shanghai Yi Di Trading Co.  Ltd. (China), Zibo Lujin Machinery Factory (China),  DACS A/S (Denmark), Mianyang Habibo Bio  Engineering Co. Ltd. (China), Dion Engineering Ltd. (Bulgaria), and  Cemsan Makina (Turkey).

Domestic Participation:

  More than 15 states’ governments and departments put  up their theme pavilions. Amongst these, notable were the trade delegations of  Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Bihar, Jharkhand, Manipur, Andhra  Pradesh, and Telangana.

  Some of the important government agencies,  departments and institutions included Council of Scientific and Industrial  Research (CSIR), National Water Development Agency (NWDA), Ministry of Earth  Sciences, and National Committee on Plasticulture Applications in Agriculture  & Horticulture (NCPAH).

  4th Int'l Poultry & Livestock Expo, 5th  DairyTech India and 2nd MeatTech Asia succeeded in having major  stakeholders from the Indian animal farming, poultry, dairy and meat processing  industry. Some of the exhibitors were TATA Chemicals Ltd., Titan Biotech  Limited, Ishida India Pvt. Ltd., Lasons India Pvt. Ltd., Blueline Foods (India)  Pvt. Ltd., Biomass Research & Tech. Solutions Pvt. Ltd., G.M. Chemicals,  Top Syringe Mfg. Co. (P) Ltd., Indian Hydro Colloids., Sharief Marine Products  Pvt. Ltd., just to name a few.

Government Support

  The event series  was duly supported by various government ministries, state governments, and  other agencies including Ministry of  Agriculture, Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Mission for Integrated  Development of Horticulture (MIDH), National Horticulture Board (NHB), National  Centre for Cold-Chain Development (NCCD), CLFMA of India, Coffee Board of  India, IIHR, State Agriculture Department of Karnataka and others.

  Let’s Step  Forward

  Overall, 7thAgriTech  India series was a huge success. There were more than 370 exhibitors and 35000  trade visitors. 4th Int'l Poultry  & Livestock Expo attracted many exhibitors and it successfully  maintained the participation of many prominent stakeholders. The event had  major participation

  The number of  exhibitors and visitors has been increasing annually. Overwhelmed with the  amazing response, Naqvi added “We are pleased with success of the event and  look forward to expand in size and value in terms of parallel activities”.

  The series  will be held from 26-28 August in 2016 at Bangalore International Exhibition  Centre, Bangalore. Next year’s event is expected to  scale new heights of popularity and success, said Naqvi. He added, “We hope  that it will be a rewarding experience for the exhibitors as well as visitors.  The event will certainly help in establishing India in the global market and  strengthen the “Make in India” dream envisaged by the Government of India”.


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