Kishore Farm Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

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Company Name Kishore Farm Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person
Address 11, Sunrise Estate, Halav Pool Road, Kurla West
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Zip / Postal Code 400 070
Telephone +91-022-25035973
Fax +91-022-2503 5590
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Description Products/Services:
Kishore Farm Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturers of Wide Range of poultry equipments like Automatic Feeders, Nipple Drinkers, Environment control system, Gas Brooders, Fans, Cooling pads, curtains, winches for feeding and drinking, cages, hatchery equipments etc. We also have complete range of manual equipments like Feeders, Drinkers and chick boxes.
Apart from the above the company provides services to turnkey projects & basic infrastructures.
The gas brooders operate on propane gas (LPG) between 20-1400 mbar. The gas brooders can be widely regulated. The reflector is made of stainless steel. Every gas brooder is equipped with a thermoelectric safety valve. The cylindrically modeled burner house is of high quality heat resistant steel. The gas consumption varies between 35 to 300 grams per hour per brooder. The brooder can give upto 500 to 4300 Kcal per hour.
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