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Company Name Alembic Limited
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Address Alembic Road, Gorwa email:[email protected]
Vadodara, Gujarat, India.
Zip / Postal Code 390003
Telephone 91 - 265 - 228 0550 / 91 - 265 - 228 0880 / 91 - 265 - 305 3333
Fax 91 - 265 - 228 1508 / 91 - 265 - 228 2934
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Telephones              + 91 - 265 - 228 4074
                                    + 91 - 265 - 228 4075
                                    + 91 - 265 - 228 2705

Fax                              +91 - 265 - 228 0331

or Mumbai Office

Postal Address
2nd  floor , Prime Corporate Park,
Behind ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton,
Sahar Road,  Andheri  (E),
Mumbai - 99
- +91 22 30611698
- +91 22 30611682
:- [email protected]


ISO-9002 and ISO-14001 certified Asia's most respected integrated pharmaceutical company with manufacturing practices and facilities that conform to WHO-GMP guidelines, Alembic is in the business of improving the quality of life and healthcare in over 75 countries around the world.

Alembic at a Glance
Everything we do at Alembic revolves around extending and improving the quality of life with products that span the entire lifecycle. As an integrated pharmaceutical company we share collaborative & symbiotic relationships with preferred business partners, all of whom reflect our business ethics, trust & transparency and quality standards.

Our Mission
We always intended to give access to the best healthcare products at affordable price to everyone, anywhere in the world.

Commitment to Health
Alembic started in 1907 & now it is Asia's most respected integrated pharmaceutical company with manufacturing facilities in Baroda and Baddi, India with R&D facilities spearheading landmark research in the areas of Chemistry, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Technology. and Bio-Equivalence.

Needless to say, Alembic has a turnover and growth rate that takes it into the top bracket of Indian pharmaceutical companies with a series of brands among the top five in their respective categories.

Alembic is a certified ISO-9002 ,ISO-14001 and ISO 27001 company with manufacturing practices and facilities that conform to WHO-GMP guidelines ensuing that every Alembic product meets the most stringent quality standards. No wonder, then, Alembic can be found improving the quality of life in over 75 countries around the world.

Alembic is spreading its wings now to regulatory markets both in respect of API and Formulation .

Commitment to Life
We are committed to make the world a better place to live in and we strive to achieve this goal through our educational, environmental and personal healthcare programs.

   We consider the protection of the environment as our direct responsibility and all our processes and technologies incorporate this feature. A clean and a green environment is an absolute necessity and we ensure this by using state-of-the-art Effluent Treatment Plant for all the waste generated. Our sprawling green campus houses a large percentage of our employees. We actively support and fund various environmental organizations in their crusade to make this place a better world to live in.
   We have promoted the Bhailal Amin Trust that manages one of the most successful hospitals in the state of Gujarat, India. The high level of services and procedures available here remain unparalleled anywhere in the state.
   Education is the cradle of a successful developing nation and we are committed to it by managing an educational trust.
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