Adwia Egyptian Co. For Chemicals

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Contact Information
Company Name Adwia Egyptian Co. For Chemicals
Contact Person
Address Adwia Administration Building
Obour City, Egypt, Egypt.
Zip / Postal Code E1
Telephone +20.2.6100654
Fax +0.2.61006850
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Description Business Activity:- The Egyptian Co. For Chemicals And Pharmaceuticals " Adwia" S. A. E. Producer & Exporter Of The Veterinary Health Products: Analgesics, Chemotherapeutics, Antimastitis, Antispasmodics, Insecticides, Premixes, Anthelmintics, Sulphonamides, Anti Inflammatories, Disinfectants, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Antibiotics, Antibloat, Antifungals, Diuretics, Minerals And Anticoccidials. Distributors From Latin America Are Welcomed.
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