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Company Name Impextraco
Contact Person
Address Wiekevorstesteenweg 38
Heist - Op - Den - Berg, Belgium, Belgium.
Zip / Postal Code B-2220
Telephone +32 15 22 24 25
Fax +32 15 22 24 24
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Description Products/Services:
Today, consumers expect their food to be safe. The animal production sector has to be healthy and it has to be clean. Cost efficiency isnít enough, increasing chain to cooperate. Right from the beginning, we, at Impextraco, understood the importance of feed-food safety and environmental protection.
Over the years, Impextraco has developed and selected The Power-Protexion Range: a fully complementary, synergistic range of feed ingredients for a safer meat and egg production. With the Power-Protexion Range you can safely develop your business and contribute to public health. Look for the shield and stay safe.

Brand Name:
1. FEEDOX (Power-Antioxidants)
2. MOLDSTOP (Power-Mold inhibitors)
3. ELITOX (Power-Mycotoxin eliminators)
4. SALSTOP (Power-Salmonella inhibitors)
5. ACIDAL (Power-Acidifiers)
6. ZYMPEX (Power-Enzymes)
7. ECOCELL (Power-Prebiotics)
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