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Company Name Nutri - Ad International
Contact Person
Address Tielensteenweg 14
Kasterlee, Belgium, Belgium.
Zip / Postal Code B1 2460
Telephone +32.14.551990
Fax +32.14.551915
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Description Business Activity:- Our Product Range Consists Of Nutrional And Non - Nutritional Additives, All Of Which Are Produced Follwing Quality Procedures That Meet The Highest Industrial Standards ( Eg. I S O  9002). Toxin Inactivators T O X Y - N I L, Bacteria Inhibitors S A L M O - N I L, Preservatives M O L D - N I L, Acidifiers U L T R A C I D, Feed Flavors & Feed Colours, Dry Fats U L T R A L A C, U L T R A K C A L, Minerals & Mineral Premixes, Choline Chloride, 1 - Lysine, Feed Enzymes, And Other Additives.
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