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Company Name Pet - Ag Inc.
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Address 255 Keyes Ave. P O Box 396
Hampshire, USA, USA.
Zip / Postal Code IL 60140
Telephone +1.847.683.0458
Fax +1.847.683.0460
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Business Activity:- F E R M A C T O    Is A Digestive Stimulant Which Has Long Been Used In Monogastrics Including Poultry, Swine, And Fish. Based Upon Primary Aspergillus Fermentation,  F E R M A C T O  Increases The  Number Of Bacteria In The Intestine, Expanding The Animal's Digestive Capacity. B O S P R O  Is A Rumen Stimulator Which Has Long Been Used In Dairy, Beef, Sheep And Goat Rations.  B O S P R O Helps Modify Bacterial Content Of The Rumen To Increase The Animal's Digestive  Capacity.
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