Dog Health care and training information for a new puppy dog owner

Dog Care - First Aid
Courtesy: Indian Immunologicals Ltd

First Aid
After doing the necessary first aid please consult your friendly veterinarian

Cardiac Massage
This is required if your dog's heart fails

1. With the dog lying on it's right side, first listen for a heart beat.
If not feel for it's heart beat with your fingers on the chest wall behind the dog's elbows on it's left side.

2. If you feel nothing squeeze rhythmically with your palms, placing one hand on top of the other, as shown, at two second intervals.

Broken lower leg bones can sometimes be straightened gently bandaged and then taped or tied with string to make shift splint, e.g. a piece of wood or rolled up newspaper or cardboard Otherwise support the leg to prevent any movement. Take the dog to the Vet immediately.

Artificial Respiration
Use mouth to mouth resuscitation by cupping your hands over it's nose and mouth and blowing into it's nostrils every 5 seconds. This is for helping a dog which has a clear airway but cannot breath. It is usually resorted following a road accident, shock, drowning, etc. if unsuccessful take the dog to the Vet immediately

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