Dog Health care and training information for a new puppy dog owner

Dog Care - Training
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Training the dog to stay
a) The training should start with a small mattress or wooden box over which you can command your dog to sit or lie down. This will effectively confine it to a small area.

b) Tell it to stay. This command should accompany hand gestures. Repeat the command and gesture while walking around the dog. Correct it if it starts moving. Don't pat or touch it when it obeys.

c) After the dog has mastered the command while you are close to it, repeat the training by gradually moving away from it. Always remember patting the dog will make it to get up. So, do not pat or reward till the end of the training session.

d) Slowly go out of sight telling the dog to stay. Watch it from where it cannot see you. In case it moves reappear to correct it. Once it has mastered the command, leave it undisturbed for 5 to 10 minutes intervals. At the end of the session, reward your dog with a light snack.

Training the dog to "come"
a) With dog in stay position command it to come to you using its name. For example, "Tommy come on". Give short jerks on long leash to make the dog come to you.

b) Later dispense off leash. Call it by the name and it will come running to you. Use the leash in case it hesitates to obey instantly.

Teaching the dog to "fetch"
The word "retch" is an asset in training a dog. The dog will hear it only when it is used as a command. It is a well distinct one word command and hence can be picked up by the dog very easily and obeyed. Any command to be used on a dog should be short and distinctive. Some dogs naturally retrieve objects around the house as a game, but training the dog to fetch things will be very useful in outdoor type of activity. It also forms a basis for further training such as tracking, retrieving and following a scent etc. Even for the dogs which stay in urban areas, it is fun to teach it to fetch because both the dog as well as the owner will enjoy it as a game.

a) When the dog is in 'sit ' position, force it to take a rubber dumbbell in its mouth. Repeat the command "take it". Hold dogs mouth around the object while saying the command.

b) When the dog has learned to hold the dumbbell in its mouth without assistance to close its mouth, try other objects like newspapers, gloves etc. You may also practice walking it while its holding the object.

c) Hold a familiar dumbbell a few inches in front of its mouth. Command it to take. As you command jerk its head towards object with leash, The practice should continue till it takes the object from your hand and then from the ground without a jerk or a leash.

d) Ultimately throw the object on ground, a few feet in front of you and command to take and fetch it. If necessary, give a jerk on leash. After several sessions of practice, remove the leash and use only a single command 'fetch '.

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