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Pathfinde Pathina
Pati Patia
Patience Patient
Patrice Patricia
Patrick Patriot
Patsy Patton
Patty Pawlina
Pawnee Pax
Peanuts Pear
Pearcy Pearl
Pearla Pearlin
Peat Pebbles
Peewee Pegasus
Peke Peking
Peppy Pepsi
Perceval Perch
Percy Perdita
Peritar Periwinkl
Pernelle Pernod
Pero Peron
Peronel Perot
Peroxide Perry
Persephone Perseus
Persia Persnickety
Pesky Peso
Pest Pesto
Petey Petie
Petinka Pilar
Pilot Pim
Ping Pinga
Pinkerto Pinkish
Pinkney Pinkocchi
Pinky Pino
Pinocchio Pinto
Pioneer Pippa
Pippi Pippin
Pipsqueak Piranha
Pitiful Pititsa
Pitter Pixie
Pizzazz Polygamist
Pom Pomey
Poncho Pong
Pongo Poobear
Pooc Poochinni
Poodie Poof
Porsche Portable
Portia Posha
Potbellied PTA
Pucci Puccini
Puck Pudding
Puddle Pudge
Pudgette Pudgy
Puff Puffball
Puffer Puffi
Pugnos Pugsly
Pumpernick Pumpkin
Punch Puni
Punky Purple
Purrfect Pushkin
Pussywillow Putter
Pygmy Pyrex