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Name Creative Pets
Contact Person Petswill
Address 143-C, MIG Flats Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi Delhi India
Zip / Postal Code 110027
Telephone +91 - 51036236 +91 - 9312236236 / 2811013091
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Puppy Kit
Contains all Essentials (one each)
Puppy Porridge
Oral Calcium Liquid
Oral Multivitamin Liquid
Stainless Steel Feeding Bowl
Stainless Steel Watering Bowl
Puppy Lead & Colloar Set
Puppy Carrier Rawhide Puppy Chews
Puppy Conditioning Shampoo
Vitamin Plus Choostix
Puppy Brush
Puupy Musical Ball
Puppy Toy Ring
Puppy Collar Bell

and What More, with every puppy Kit, you can also carry home a coupon worth Rs.60/-free.

No matter your pooch doesn't have a voice of his own, but we do listen to his needs, Puppy kit is one-in-all kit designed to suit your pup's prerequistites.  Puppy kits makes pet grooming extremely easy with its vast range of product that varies from dietary to toys. The unique kit fills a long-felt void in puppy raising.
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