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Name Trovan Unique
Contact Person Helpro Health Products & Services
Address 127-128 (1st Floor), Parmar Park-II, Wanowrie, PUNE 411040
Pune Maharashtra India
Zip / Postal Code 411040
Telephone +91 - 20 - 26814376 / 26814379 +91 - 9422316420 / 9422028444
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Profile Two Poodles may look alike.
But your Dog is your's and a Unique one...
...Similarly some Micro-Chips may read like clones

(Lifetime Electronic Identification of Animals)
Ensures its Unique ness no duplicates, no Clones & no Disputes.

* Most Humane, Safe and Painless means of identification of animals of all species & breeds
* Guarantees Uniqueness of the ID Numbers
* Alteration/Duplication of Unique ID not Possible
* Speedy & Accurate readability even in marginal environments
* Designed specially for Animal Identification - in Pre-sterilised disposable Needle
* Used in over 300 zoos, 80 Govt. Agencies in 20 Countries
* Endorsed by CBSG & IUCN. Accepted even in  India by Project Elephant of Govt. of India and all Wildlife departments.
* Easily available in India

Be the First to Beat the Chellenge & Win Rs. 20,000/-
(To win bring a duplicate Trovan Unique ID)

Leading canine Practitioners from major cities are Welcome to join 'Exclusive Trovan Associate Program'

Contact us:
D-153, Sector 40, NOIDA 201303
             Tele/Fax (0120) 2579015/2578456
             Mobile: (0) 9810522336 Mr.Sushil Khann

127-128 (1st Floor), Parmar Park-II,
          Wanowrie, PUNE 411040
          Tele/Fax: 91 (020) 26814376/ 26814379
          Mobiles:  (0) 9422316420  Mr.S. C. Mehra
                         (0) 9422028444  Mr.Kapil Sarin
Last Updated: 2006-03-14 18:08:52  
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