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Name Propac
Contact Person Alliances International
Address 4-5, Gold Mist Apartments, Vakola Pipeline Road, Stantacruz(E)
Mumbai Maharashtra India
Zip / Postal Code 400055
Telephone +91 - 22 - 3253 4617 / 3263 1852 +91 - 098200 51130
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Profile PRO PAC Superpremium Pet Food Made in USA

Propac is a Complete & Balanced Diet Feed Premium - Feed Less

propac complete Health Defense System

*Propac Performance Puppy & Kitten Formulas contain DHA - Which plays a vital role in development of the central nervous system & Retinal function in youn mammals.

*All Pro Pac formulas are made from Chicken Meal (No By-Products) & Contain Chicken Fat (Naturally Preserved). Corn / Rice as carbohydrate, Beet pulp (Fibre), Vitamins & Minerals.

*Pro Pac formulas contain essential fatty acids (Omega-3 & 6) which are vital for the immune and nervous systems while promoting healthy skin and coat.

*All Pro Large Breed & Senior formulas are fortified with Glucosmine & Chondroitin Sulfate which can help minimize common joint & Bone Problems often found in large & giant breeds

*Pro Pac formulas are fortified with the right proportions of anti-oxidants like Beta Carotene, Vitamin D & Vitamin E which helps to develop the immunity system of puppies.

*High Kilo Calories - So You have to feed less

Imported & Distributed in India by:
Allinaces International
4-5, Gold  Mist Apartments, Vakola Pipeline Road,
Stantacruz(E), Mumbai - 400055.
Tel:+91 - 22 - 39534617
Fax: +91 - 22 - 26692007
Mob: +91 - 9820051130

DHA Produces Smarter Puppies & Kittens
Research has proven that DHA Produces 'SMART & MORE TRAINABLE PUPPIES'

DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) is a natural Omega - 3 fatty acid.

DHA Which is also found in mother's milk for brain & Vision development is a major structural component of the brain as well as the most abundant fatty acids in the brain.

It playsvital role in the development of the nervous system & Retinal funtion in young mammals. Which makes young puppies easier to train and results in smarter, sharper & healthier adults.

DHA performance Puppy & Kitten Formula Now contain DHA
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