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Name Pet Treats
Contact Person Mr. Sudhir Nayar
Address B-2B/54, Janak Puri
New Delhi Delhi India
Zip / Postal Code 110 058
Telephone +91-11-25504493 +91 - 98182 66563
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Profile Contact:
Mr. Sudhir Nayar (Proprietor)

Our Products
Dried Lungs
Dried Hoof
Dried Liver
Dried Tripe
Dried Shashlik
Dried Paddywack
Dried Casing
Dried Gullet
Dried Ear
Smoked bones
(Marrow & Shank)
Dried Tail
Dried Braided Pizzle
Bleached Bones
(Marrow & Shank)
Dried Trip Powder

The Products We Manufacture are 100% Natural with no Artificial Flavoring or Additives.
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