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Dogs needed to be trained as pets just like we need to teach manners and etiquettes to our children. Dogs often have behavior problems such as climbing up on sofas and beds and pester you to always play with them and keep talking to them. They either don't understand even the basic instructions such as to respond when called, to sit down or fetch a newspaper or they don't heed to you. Training the dogs help them to solve these problems and help him to find and understand his position in the family and accept behaving better as a part of life. The best method often recommended to teach anything to dogs is 'positive reinforcement. Let the dog earn food, treats, walks or being loved and petted on head by learning a new trick or command.
Following Training Courses for your dog :

1) Obedience -- 3 Months
2)Gaurding -- 4Months
We Provide Pickup and Drop. For Details Please ContactUs.
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