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The Featured Articles covers several different topics related to all aspects of rearing poultry. The articles are written by experts on topics specific to the relevant section of the industry. Articles can be browsed by clicking the links below.
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Layer Breeding
Broiler Breeding
Nutrition for Growth, Production & Reproduction; Feed Stuffs
Non-nutritive Feed Additives, Toxins & Processing  
Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology
Avian Health & Biosecurity
Products Technology Including Value Addition
Physiology, Welfare, Housing & Management 
Family Poultry farming
Other Avian Species  
Economics & Marketing
Education & Extension 
General Poultry Articles Topics Index
Nutritive value of Egg - Dr. Ajaz A. Ganie
Wet Litter- Causes and Prevention in Broiler Houses Profile - Dr. Ajaz A. Ganie
Use of phytogenic products as feed additives for poultry - Dr. Ajaz A. Ganie
Methods of Mating and Artificial Insemination in Poultry Nilufar Haque & Sk Asraf Hossain
Female Reproductive System - Untoo M. and Sharma R.K.)
Significance of Vitamins C in Poultry - Untoo M. and Sharma R.K.)
Acid Lac W Gut Acidifier And Its Efficacy On Enveloped And Non Enveloped Poultry Viruses - P. Suresh (Kemin AgriFoods India)
Drinking Water Acidification in Poultry: A Novel Approach - R Sureshkumar (Kemin AgriFoods India)
Poultry Diseases & Treatment - M.A Mujeeb Ather
Mycotoxins binders- How to get the best value for money - S. Subramanya Bhat (Kemin AgriFoods India)
Aflatoxicosis in poultry Dr. D. Nagalakshmi and Dr. S.V. Rama Rao
Aflatoxicosis in Quails - its effect and recent developments in toxicity reduction and control P.K. Sahon, and S.V.R.Rao
Ammonia problem in Poultry Houses Strategies for its control M.V.LN. Raju, M.M. Chawak and S.V.R. Rao
Antibiotic Resistance  M. R. Reddy, M M. Chawak, M. V. L. N. Raju, and S. V. Rama Rao
Backyard poultry farming - a boon to alleviate protein hunger in rural India Dr. S.V. Rama Rao