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Avian Health
Newer concepts in disease management  J.M. Kataria, B.B. Dash, K. Dhama, S. Rahul and Sohini Dey
Strategies for New Castle Disease Control and eradication from India  S. N. Singh
Poultry and biosecurity  K. Nachimuthu
Immunosuppressive studies of an Indian avian reovirus isolate in association with chicken anaemia virus in experimentally co-infected chicks  Nitin Bhardwaj, J.M. Kataria, K. Dhama, S. Arthur Sylvester and S. Rahul
Immunosuppressive studies of an Indian chicken anaemia virus isolate in association with infectious bursal disease virus in experimentally co-infected SPF chicks  K. Dhama, J.M. Kataria, S. Arthur Sylvester, S. Tomar* and B.B. Dash
Clinical manifestations of reovirus infection in stunted chickens  Rajesh Singh, D.K. Agrawal and R.S. Chauhan
Induction of Nitric Oxide (NO) during acute infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) infection in chickens  Bhawna Poonia and S. Charan
Development of genetic epidemiological model for Marek’s disease infection in poultry  M. Nath
Assessment of immune status against Ranikhet diseases in commercial layers under field conditions   K. Mani and N. Vengadabady
Physical and chemical properties of MB strain of infectious bursal disease virus used as commercial vaccine  Subrat Kumar
Studies on the antigenic relationship between turkey pox and fowl poxviruses  B.B. Dash, Alka Singh, J.M. Kataria, S. Dandapat and K. Dhama
Incidence of pigeon pox in Guwahati city  Directorate of Clinics
Experimental studies on Newcastle Disease in domestic pigeon (Columba Livia)  C.V. Phangcho and Abdul Mukit
Newcastle disease vaccine delivered through PLG microspheres induced protective immune responses in broiler chickens  S. Dandapat, Rajan, Debashish Banerjee, J.M. Kataria, B. B. Dash and G.C. Ram
Efficacy of certain agents in controlling immunosuppressive effects of Infectious Bursal Disease virus in chicken  Manoj Kumar and K.C.P.Singh
Detection of antibodies in the eggs yolk of the Salmonella toxoid vaccinated birds  Taking Gammi, Ashok Kumar, V.D. Sharma, S.K. Shukla and R.J. Sharma
Noval E.coli serotypes isolated from acute upper respiratory tract infection of poultry  M.B. Mahrukh, T.S. Rai and S.K. Jand
Effect of neem leaf extract supplementation on haematological changes in experimentally induced fowl typhoid in broiler chicken  Sonia Raheja, K.K. Jakhar and S.K. Mishra
Effect of neem leaf extract supplementation on biochemical changes in experimentally induced fowl typhoid in broiler chicken  Sonia Raheja, K.K. Jakhar and S.K. Mishra
Evaluation of anticoccidial activity of Biotrim Oral against poultry coccidiosis  V.S. Singh, Rajat Garg, C.L. Yadav, Rajanish Kumar, P.S. Banerjee
Egg immunogobulins (IgY): An alternative control strategy for chicken coccidiosis  D. Vijay, M. Raman and V. Gowthaman
An acute outbreak of Pasteurellosis in broilers in Bidar farm  D.T. Naik, D.G.K. Rao, and S.S. Manjunatha
Evaluation of the fimbrial adhesive ability of avian pathogenic E. coli to surfaces of the chicken respiratory tract  Manju Pal and S.D. Singh
In ovo and in vivo pathogenecity study of avian E.coli isolated from colibacillosis cases in chicks  Mahender Kumar , S.D. Singh and K.A. Naveen
Haemato-biochemical profiles of broilers following short-term feeding of Fenvelerate  R.K. Misra, Jitender Kumar and P.K. Shukla
Effect of methyl parathion on haematological and serum biochemical attributes in broilers  R.K. Misra, Jitender Kumar and P.K. Shukla
Toxicological studies on methyl parathion with special reference to clinical signs, gross histopathological attributes in broilers  R.K. Misra, A.K. Misra and P.K. Shukla
Effect of dietary fenvelerate on clinical signs, gross histopathological lesions in broilers  R.K. Misra, A.K. Misra and P.K. Shukla
Effect of ochratoxin A on the pathology and pathogenesis of hydropericardium syndrome in broiler chicken  D. Madhuri and P.C. Verma
Lipid profile studies in experimentally induced cyclopiazonic acid and T-2 mycotoxicoses in broiler chicken  C. Balachandran , P. Kamalavenkatesh and B. Murali Manohar
Mortality incidence of various causative agents in an organised poultry farm  B.K. Pugashetti and M.C. Shivakumar
Clinico – Pathological studies on efficacy of homoeopathy in therapeutic as well as prophylactic measures against prevalent contagious diseases of economical importance in broilers  M.P. Singh, Daljit Kaur, Amarjeet Singh, M.S. Oberoi
Pathology of respiratory disease complex (RDC) in poultry- A field study  M. Lakshman
Chick mortality and disease profiles in organised broiler breeding farm  S.R. Sharma, G. Shyam Sunder and R.P. Sharma
Disease profile in pure line layers in an organised farm  S.R. Sharma, G. Shyam Sunder and R.P. Sharma
Clinical efficacy of Synerzyme-Fs in commercial broilers  C. Sugumar
Immunomodulation in commercial broiler and layer chicks using a combination of Immolyte and HyRES  S.K. Maini

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