Effect of neem leaf extract supplementation on haematological changes in experimentally induced fowl typhoid in broiler chicken

Sonia Raheja, K.K. Jakhar and S.K. Mishra
College of Veterinary Sciences, CCS HAU, Hisar, Haryana, - 125004

Experimental infection with Salmonella gallinarum 1.0 ml (containing 8.2 x 10 7) subcutaneously in 7 day old broiler chicks resulted in significant decrease in haemoglobin concentration, packed cell volume and total erythrocyte count from 3 rd day post infection. These values were slightly higher in infected and neem leaf extract (10 per cent) supplemented birds. The total leucocytes count, absolute heterophil count and absolute lymphocyte count shared higher values in infected and also infected and neem leaf extract supplemented birds but differences were not significant. The results of the study revealed that supplementation of neem leaf extract has some protective action on hematological alterations due to fowl typhoid in broiler chicken.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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