Evaluation of anticoccidial activity of Biotrim Oral against poultry coccidiosis

V.S. Singh, Rajat Garg, C.L. Yadav, Rajanish Kumar,
P.S. Banerjee and Vivek Bharadwaj

Department of Veterinary Parasitology
College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
G.B.P.U.A. & T., Pantnagar, Uttaranchal

Anticoccidial activity of biotrim oral (Sulphadiazine and trimethoprim) at concentration of 1 ml/lt, 1 ml/2 lts and 1 ml/4 lts of drinking water for 10 days was accessed in 3 weeks old chicks, experimentally infected with 50,000 sproulated oocysts of mixed field isolates of Eimeria sp. (78% E. tenella, 6% E. acervulina, 10% E. necatrix, 4% E. maxima and 2% E. mitis). The medication commenced at 96 hrs post-infection. Various parameters viz. percent weight gain, feed conversion ratio, lesion scores, oocyst index, mortality, global index and percent reduction in oocyst count were recorded. The drug concentration at 1 ml/lt and 1 ml/2 lts of drinking water for 10 days was able to check the mortality and partially reduced lesion scores as well as oocyst counts. The global index was highest (78.2) in birds given biotrim oral at the rate of 1 ml/lt; 56.2 in birds given biotrim @ 1 ml/2 lts and 33.5 in birds given biotrim @ 1 ml/4 lts of drinking water. The drug was found to have a limited efficacy against coccidiosis when used at concentration of 1 ml/lt of drinking water for 10 days after the onset of clinical signs. However, at lower concentration, the drug was not effective for controlling clinical coccidiosis.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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