Evaluation of the fimbrial adhesive ability of avian pathogenic E. coli to surfaces of the chicken respiratory tract

Manju Pal and S.D. Singh
Division of Avian Diseases Indian Veterinary Research Institute
Izatnagar,U.P.- 243122

The role of fimbria in adherence of an avian pathogenic Escherichia coli was studied. Adhesiveness of E.coli to epithelial cells could be involved in different steps of the disease.This property was associated with expression of the type 1 fimbria by E.coli isolates. In Vitro adhesiveness was studied in 13 E. coli isolates originating from poultry, with reference to mannose sensitive haemagglutination ability. 13 serotypes of E.coli could be divided into 8 serotypes with high adhesiveness and 5 serotypes with low adhesiveness. Adhesive Capacity of avian Escherichia coli was studied in-vivo also by scanning electron microscopic examination and suggested that pathogenic E.coli isolates had thin fimbriae when grown at 37oC but not at 18oC.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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