In ovo and in vivo pathogenecity study of avian E.coli isolated from colibacillosis cases in chicks

Mahender Kumar , S.D. Singh and K.A. Naveen
Division of Avian Diseases
I.V.R.I., Izatnagar, (U.P.) 243122

Twenty-one isolates of Avian Pathogenic E.coli was isolated from clinical cases of colibacillosis in different field outbreaks. These isolates were serotyped and their pathogenicity was determined in 9 -11 day-old embryonated chicken eggs, one-day-old chicks and 4-week-old chicks. Of the 21 isolates, 17 were found to be pathogenic whereas 4 isolates were found to be apathogenic isolates. The predominant pathological lesions observed were perihepatitis , pericarditis and airsaculitis in one day old and 4 week old chicks. In embryos the lesions included thickening of chorioallantoic membrane and hemorrhages in the head and appendages of the embryos.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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