Clinico - Pathological studies on efficacy of homoeopathy in therapeutic as well as prophylactic measures against prevalent contagious diseases of economical importance in broilers

M.P. Singh, Daljit Kaur*, Amarjeet Singh**, M.S. Oberoi***
Deptt. Of Animal Husbandry, Govt. of Punjab Dept. of Microbiology,
College of Vety . Sciences, PAU , Ludhiana

The study was conducted to check the efficacy of homoeopathy alone prior to illness as a prophylactic measures and on the onset of disease symptoms as a routine treatment with different suitable combinations of homoeopathic medicines/dilutions in the treatment of three contagious diseases in broilers viz. CRD/COLLIBACILLOSIS, COCCODOOSIS, and IBD/GUMBORO DISEASE. The study is based clinical symptoms and post-mortem lesions. The homoeopathic medicines were administered orally in water and their different potencies were tried. The study reveals - (a) The combination of different homoeopathic dilutions of low potencies were more effective than of higher or mixed dilutions. (b) The prophylactic aspect of the dilutions was more beneficial in terms of economics and disease prevention than the treatment aspect with these dilutions. (c) The diseases in combination were better treated with homoeopathic medicines than with allopathic medicines alone. (d) The treatment of mixed infections is possible irrespective of their causative agents with homoeopathic indicating that these medicines treat symptoms rather than the causative agents. (e) The route of administration is easy, practical and time saving and thus enhances the feed consumption because of their alcoholic nature. The study envisages the need to explore the better possible combinations of different potencies in treatment and prophylaxis. There is a need to study the efficacy of these medicines on the basis of bio-chemical and histo-chemical parameters. There is an immense scope of role of homeopathy in poultry because of their least side effects easy route of administration and above all their economical values, thus potenciates the profits of poultry industry.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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