Clinical efficacy of Synerzyme-Fs in commercial broilers

C. Sugumar
Neospark Drugs and Chemicals Private Limited, Hyderabad

Poultry feed contains many non-digestible nutrients as well as antinutritional factors. The incorporation of specific enzymes in feed alleviates the non-desirable effects of these factors, provides optimum assimilation of nutrients and paves the way for significant uses of many inexpensive non-conventional feed ingredients. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the action of "SynerZyme - FS" (Neospark Drugs and Chemicals Private Limited, Hyderabad ) an exclusive enzyme formulation for improved feed utilization in poultry. The study was conducted on 4,000 commercial broilers (Hubchix). Day old chicks were randomly divided into two replicates of 2000 each and reared in separate compartments under standard managemental conditions in a well-maintained broiler house. Commercially available standard broiler feed (Starter up to 28 days of age and finisher from day 29 to 49) was given to both the replicates. Group I birds were given "SynerZyme-FS" @ 0.05% i.e. 500 gms per tonne offered from age day 1 to 49 and birds in Group II were left as untreated control. The data on body weights, feed consumption, feed conversion ratio, mortality, livability and the relative economics of the two treatment regimes was worked out. There is a significant increase in average body weight gain between the treated and untreated groups. In treated group per bird additional weight gain is 45 gms. The feed consumption in group I, is 3850 gms when compared to 3940 gms in the untreated control group showing a difference of 90 gms per bird hence the feed conversion efficiency has improved significantly in the treated group (P< 0.01). The mortality percentage recorded in the treated group is 3.8% as against 4.9% in the control group. Economic benefit in terms of net extra income worked out to Rs. 1.13 per bird. In the present study the birds treated with SynerZyme-FS have consumed less feed and gained more body weights, thus shows that the enzymes present in the SynerZyme-FS has helped in better digestion of energy and nutrients available in the feed. The overall performance of the treated group is better when compared to the untreated group.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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