Immunomodulation in commercial broiler and layer chicks using a combination of Immolyte and HyRES

S.K. Maini
Vesper group
302, Sriman Aisharya Towers Indira Park Road , Domalguda Hyderabad 500 029

Commercial broiler and layer chicks fed pre starter and starter crumbles for the first 3 to 6 weeks of their age, suffer from immuno-suppression and its consequences possibly due to the affect of steam temperature and pressure during manufacturing on the trace minerals, various vitamins and their interactions, show diseases like the gangrenous dermatitis, gizzard erosion, lameness, VVND, VVIBD and their complications with secondary bacterial infections, difficult to recognize and treat. Immolyte (Immuno-potentiator) containing Glysine, Vit E, C, Selenium due to their antioxidant activity protects from the damaging effects of free radicals thus helping chicks to develop their immunity, the combined effect of yeast extract rich in glucomannas, the amino- nitrogen and polysaccharides activates the macrophages. Immolyte was used for 3 days each week for the first 3 weeks, @ 10 ml per 100 birds in the morning drinking water did the wonderful trick.

HyRES contains complex polysaccharides and aminonitrogen, both known immuno-stimulants, together they activate the macrophages and evoke specific and non-specific response for better disease protection and good overall performance was used as a diluent and used with the commercial RD, IBD and IB vaccines. Substantial increase in the serum proteins and globulin was seen, giving better disease protection to the birds and reduced vaccine reactions. When challenged these birds were better protected compared to the controls. Birds had better age related body weights, less mortality and no disease problems.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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