Effect of season on physical quality and presence of off-flavour in indigenous (desi) duck eggs under free range

C.M. Mahapatra, S.K. Sahoo, B.K. Panda, M.K. Padhi and S.C. Giri
CARI Regional Centre, Jokalundi, Bhubaneswar- 751003, Orissa

Physical quality and presence of off-flavour were determined in indigenous (Deshi) duck eggs during summer (April-June) and rainy season (July-September) under free-range farming. Results revealed a higher weight and yolk colour score in the eggs of rainy season (59.49g and 11). On the other hand Albumin Index (A.I) of duck eggs was better in summer (0.106) than that of rainy season (0.078). No significant differences were observed in shape and yolk indices, percent component parts (albumen, yolk and shell) and shell thickness of duck eggs between both the seasons. Presence of off-flavour (fishy smell) was noticed in eggs through organoleptic evaporation during both summer and rainy season. However, the intensity of off-flavour was more in the eggs of rainy season as compared to summer.

Source : IPSACON-2005

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